The Triune Polytheism; the 'Trinity'

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  • Crazyguy

    One can find evidence of a trinity all over in ancient religions, not necessarily an all in one deity more like a family.

  • shepherdless
    David Jay: I can say one thing about the Trinity: the Jehovah's Witnesses don't teach it right.

    I have to agree with that.

    Watchtower's approach is (a) concoct a ridiculous version of the trinity; (b) claim the Catholics believe that version; and (c) criticize the Catholics for believing that.

    It seems to me that like it or not, reading and believing the bible on its own, leads to a belief in the trinity, just not the JW Strawman version.

    Another point which struck me when I saw Floddin's infamous bread vinegar and mud video on JW Broadcasting is that Watchtower's view on the third arm of the trinity is identical to, or perhaps very slightly more broader (more trinitarian) than Catholic dogma.

  • the-Question
    Sanchy I am still one- but am losing a LOT of respect for the GB; they've goofified meetings & assemblies.
  • the-Question
    scratchme1010 - THINK about it:

    God are the Three Supreme Beings.

    They are Sadists who burn Trillions alive...FOREVER.

    GodJesus pretended to die and be resurrected- he was alive all along.

    Adam and Eve are in Heaven.

    Want MORE examples?

  • schnell

    Are you high?

  • fukitol

    Frankly I agree with the OP.

    Although most of the Bible is sheer bunkum, the trinity doctrine goes the extra mile in being a lot of utterly absurd bunkum; yet its supposed to be the foundation doctrine of Christianity.


  • the-Question
    fukitol - I'll start a topic about the Bible to discuss that!
  • the-Question

    It's tragilarious to see those claiming we believe in a Trinity.

    Their denial forces them to claim such.....


    Yes, a grotesque 3 headed monster God is laughable.

    Then again, the Hebrew scriptures explicitly indicate that God is more than a singular entity.

    Every time that the OT references the 'oneness' of God, it is with the plural one. I know, you're thinking 'Hey, The Truth Will Set You Free, what are you talking about? You make no sense at all. How can there be a plural one?'

    In Hebrew there are 2 words for one. There is the singular one and there is a plural one. Yachid and Echad.

    The singular one is self explanatory, the plural one is the combination of things to create 'one'. You could say that a congregation is a plural one as all members of the congregation make up a plural one.

    Direct scriptural examples include references to 'man and women became one [plural one] flesh' 'night and day became one [plural one] day' and 'hear o Israel that the Lord your God is one [plural one] God'

    So, in the Hebrew scriptures is explicit evidence of the plurality of God. If we look at IS 9;6 we see that Jesus IS God, so how could he be God as a child and still have a God running the universe?

    For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

    Answer- One [plural] God

    Not explaining the mystery of the Trinity, just stating that the scriptures agree with the possibility of the concept.

  • the-Question

    Just showing you have no understanding of ancient Hebrew.

    Any biblical scholar (not under church influence) will show the 'plurality' was an emphasis of His (not THEIR) power and authority.

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