Mind control

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    Can you provide a link?

  • flipper

    Here's a link to Steve Hassan's site : www.freedomofmind.com.

  • bleak

    That BITE is soft mind control. If you want to learn about the hard stuff which involves subjecting victims to torture/trauma of various methods, look at the CIA's programs since the late 50's under the umbrella of MK Ultra. "MK" is acronym for the German "Minde Kontrol" which should give you a hint about it's origens. Also see Operation Paper Clip in that regard.

    Here's a vid to get you started. Holly Wierd, news agencies, sports, ALL infiltrated with what are basically Manchurian Candidates who are robotic mind control victims. Pay special attention to Al Roker in the middle of vid. He is placed in a trance by what recovered MK victim Cathy O'Brien calls "Catholic cryptic" key words. This is real and he's not faking or joking around. Watch the female give a wink and nod to someone in the audience who is probably Roker's handler or an agent.

    Also see for yourselves why Hillary didn't get the nod for POTUS. She had a stroke and was left with Vascular Dementia; a symptom of Alzheimers.

    Also in this video is Kanye West (with none other than Trump) before and after they got a hold of him. God only knows what the hell torture they put him through to sterilize his mind and make him aquiescent to suggestion.

    This is like a "best of" mind control vid. Just an all-around fun video to watch...


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