Don't forget to take Sauerkraut for COVID-19 ?

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  • tiki

    Fermentation? As in grapes becoming vino!?! Whoppeeee!!!!!

  • LV101

    Exactly, ^^^, re/the Hydroxychloroquine - it's dispensed like water in third-world countries = minimal COVID 19 cases. Cabbage - sauerkraut/fermented foods, vitamin D, C, Zinc, could help. If sunshine was so great why the high infection rate among the hispanic population and perhaps rates are minimal in the sunbelt - Central Americans spend hours out in the hot, blazing, sun, but they are covered from head to toe for sun protection but sunlight hits their face, tops of their hands/head - thousands of units and daily adds up.

    The latest "science," is interesting. Now one is not contagious until they have symptoms; previously, one was most contagious 2 days before they had any symptoms. Everyday new info/Chi Com creation. Most important 3 Ws per Dr. Marc Siegel as of yesterday: Wear mask, wash hands frequently, stay 6 ft. from others - don't recall what wonder 'W' word spouted off but made sense - 60 ft. re/the contagiousness sounds better if one resides in fascist US where many states don't allow Hydroxychloroquine/Chloroquine. What a mess due to political-nazi politicians.

    Maybe Bozo Cuomo (NY) will allow HXQ be sold OTC just to encourage life-time NYs to scramble back home or he could close the borders and forbid more mass exodus or of ones the state's dependent on for tax revs. No one wants to die due to political negligence. I know people retired in NV now planning to leave when possible heading to TX/Utah/AZ - too blue/scary here.

  • BelisemDeBelimakom

    Important to notice that pre Covid era, they were heavily spraying skies with chemicals (chemtrails not contrails). "Famous", not-a-doctor, not-a-scientific, vaccin-ator, Microsoft "founder" BG really worked hard with Harvard to block the sun in the last year; we don't know when they started exactly. He is still very active....

    It is highly probable that they blocked one or certain rays (that is beneficial for our bodies), opening way for current pandemic to reach everywhere... Doctors were prescribing tons of Vitamin D's to those in sun bathing countries last year, this explains a lot. Apparently they reached their goal and they stopped sometime this year. Don't we have better skies right now for some months?

    BTW, keeping a portable UV-C light (not A or B) at home is a good way to disinfect many daily items (masks, tooth brushes etc.) very rapidly and easily. It is a natural germicide.

  • LV101

    BelisemDB - WOW! Everyday it's more interesting - oh my! Blocking out the sun - how can life survive! I've been wanting to order one of those lights to use in lieu of having to go outside - one is called a 'Sperti' Vitamin D lamp that emits the Vitamin D levels for those who've issues taking Vitamin D capsules/sensitivities. Lots of problems for some and the medical community were nuking people with mega doses - scripts.

    Even in the sunbelt (as you know) doctors recommend OTC Vitamin D as well as write up scripts for mammoth dosages due to low Vitamin D levels. We've been brainwashed for past 50 yrs. re/sun dangers/negatives (sun cancer, withered skin - all true) but we went off the rails and need sunlight - the real thing. Unimaginable what the criminal vaccinator is up to.

    I'm ordering the light you've recommended, also. I'm so sick and tired of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, 409, Clorox spray, Clorox wipes - I'm asphyxiating myself but don't want outside help around for a few more weeks. It's getting to be too much.

    I'll read that article after few more hrs. of sleep - thx for info so scary. What next!!

  • BelisemDeBelimakom
  • RubaDub

    For fermentation purposes, nothing like sauerkraut, baked beans and some cheap beer.

    The COVID-19 virus thing will seek out a new home very quickly.

  • bsmart

    I agree that some supplement's can help. I have a condition called Vitiligo and I cant get a tan or make much vitamin D because of a lack of melanin in my skin. Live in a sunny area and I have low levels of Vitamin D. The information out there say most cases of Covid in the hospitals are very low in Vit D. I have been taking it for several years and have doubled my dose from once a day to twice. I have been taking 2,000 mg tablets.

  • Simonsez

    The author of that articles is a known quack and and antivaxer. You should take what he says with a grain of salt.

    Here is another of his covid claims

    n 2020, Mercola claimed that inhaling 0.5-3% hydrogen peroxide solution using a nebulizer could prevent or cure COVID-19.[43][44] A tweet from Mercola advertising this method was removed from Twitter on April 15, 2020, for violating the platform rules.[44]

  • LV101

    Thanks for links, Belisem - I will read them all later in AM.

    Simonsez - Belisem's original link has an article re/hydrogen peroxide - I've saved it to read. Hydrogen peroxide can be overkill for some uses. I believe it might help. I tried it on a sore throat (allergy-throat - too much milk product eaten) and it's brutal.

  • LV101

    bsmart - it's good you're body tolerates the high dosages of manmade D.

    The idea of getting the real thing outside (Vitamin D/UVI) is NOT to tan at all. If in the sun, every square inch of your body will absorb the D as long as the good UVIs are out and they're the highest between 12-1 pm in most areas of the planet. The US NAVY has a chart you can check for Vit D and best window is between 12-1 daily. I only turn red in the sun - fair people (little melanin) burn but you only stay out a minute on each side or let the sun hit your legs/arms/whatever. The fairer you are the faster the D accumulates on top of the skin. Age/excess weight adds an extra minute or so. Best book is 'The Vitamin D Solution' by Michael F. Holick, Ph. D., M. D. If you notice you're turning red/any burning in sun you're overdoing it and need to stop. It's hard - you can't always tell after a minute. There are apps you can download to your cell to use for safe Vit D timing - they don't work that well but the timer is worth it not to end up lobster red/burned. You should only notice a very slight nuance of color (golden if white skinned after mos or pink my case) on your body, if that from sun exposure. It's scary.

    The OTC bottled Vitamin D is the next best and pretty darn close to natural and good way to go. It does cause issues for some people.

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