Would you trust your Doctor if he got things wrong??

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  • stuckinarut2

    Just thinking....

    Assume we had a family doctor that we had seen all our lives, perhaps he had been the doctor for your extended family too. He is lovely man, very kind and honest hearted.

    But if he had prescribed treatment or medication that was wrong, and had bad effects on you, then changed the medication to something else, then randomly changed it again etc, how would you feel?

    If you did some research into him, and found disturbing facts and things in his history that made you question his qualifications, how would you feel? If he excused those issues or blamed YOU for researching beyond his word, how would you feel?

    If you questioned his treatment, and he reacted by harshly saying "I AM THE DR, just do as I say", and threatened to maligned your name and slander your reputation amongst your friends and community if you spoke out about him, how would you feel?

    Yet spiritually, the society has had a history of mistakes that they have tried to cover up. They alone claim to be the only "spiritual doctors" for our faith. They react harshly if anything is questioned. They blame individuals who don't tow the line.


  • sir82

    I'll give a "G" on "Illustrations", and we look forward to your next talk

  • rebel8

    ^That's exactly what I was thinking! "5 points for use of illustrations"

  • sparrowdown

    What about a car mechanic who gets it wrong?

    An airline pilot?

    Anything with little or no margin for error demands those doing the job have education, qualifications and practical experience.

    Not so with WT or the GB because they are a religion and religions are free to make mistakes with impunity.

    The "regulator" of religion at the end of the day is an individuals own internal bull shit meter -healthy human skepticism.

    All religions are a public gullibility test.

  • Alostpuppydog

    First off it is the same thing wether it is religions (JW or not), doctors, mechanics, etc. They are all salesmen that don't care about anyone but themselves, unless it affects them personally. I.e. If you die in the hospital due to miss-treatment or sloppy work. Nobody really cares about you as a person. It's reality everywhere you look, just take off the blindfold and you will see.

  • scratchme1010


    True, to some degree. Once again, for some bizarre reason that I can't find, seems like a lot of people in this forum just don't pay attention to more than 80% of what actually make JWs stay JWs, and that has nothing to do with what you state in your analogy. It has to do with THEIR FEELINGS, not with what is logical, not with facts, not with science, not with information that proves them wrong. FEELINGS. A lot of people fail to see the real reason why people still stick with the "bad doctor", which are not only as valid reasons for them to stay, but also should be addressed as much if not more than what the WT teaches.

    Experts in the matter of cults explain and agree that the most common reasons for people to stay in a place like the WT organization are:

    • They continue to believe in their Jehovah - they will always find a reason to think that they are not worshiping pedophiles, nor that they are making all their decisions based on what the WT say, they claim that they are serving "Jehovah".
    • Protect their investment - they are too involved, family is too involve, their entire social and support system is invested in the WT
    • Hold onto family - need not say more about this one
    • Relationships can be real and solid - they feel that there's absolutely nothing for them outside the WT
    • Pride / embarassment - this is pretty much every other American JW I know
    • Fear - the way they think the world and their lives will be without the WT is scary; they are afraid of losing what has become their sense of security, even if they know it's a false sense of security

    If you look at those things, a lot, in fact, most JWs and ex-JWs agree that those are the reasons why they stay, why they prefer to fade instead of getting disfellowshipped, why they need support when they finally leave. None of it has anything to do with logic or reasoning.

    Many JWs are very decent people. Many are very intelligent people too. So it's not about their values nor their capacity to think; its about how they feel.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, great point Scratchme1010!

    You are 100% correct. Sadly, facts are indeed overridden by FEELINGS. You are correct.

    Logic has nothing to do with the reason most witnesses stay.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Many JWs are very decent people. Many are very intelligent people too. So it's not about their values nor their capacity to think; its about how they feel.

    JW's when talking about other religions love to apply the scripture at 2 Timothy where it talks about those who want to have their ears "tickled". The reality is, JW's are no different, they want to hear whatever soothes their fears about the future, regardless of the facts.

  • smiddy

    I feel you have hit the nail on the head scratchme1010 ,well said.

  • LongHairGal


    Good post. However, only the thinking people in the religion will see the point and leave.


    I agree with all your points and this is the real reason that Witnesses stay Witnesses.

    I always felt the JW religion is a stupid illogical mishmash where the deluded people there somehow think the laws of cause and effect don't apply to them and they aren't going to reap the consequences of their bad actions. This is proved in so many ways that would be obvious to the casual onlooker.

    You have stupid people there who think they can DO and be forgiven for anything because of their escape hatch of "Adamic sin".

    There is an unaccountability that runs through the whole thing!

    The religion had many people there in a semi-dream fantasy where they felt they didn't need to plan for the future. Their "future" came and now they have a problem.

    The stupid process of disfellowshipping and reinstatement where a person is decreed to be "okay". Let's not even get into where Witnesses regularly defraud and cheat their so-called brothers because of the technicality-escape hatch scripture of "not taking your brother to court".. Even when I was a "believer", I knew the Witnesses were worthless and I'd never have any dealings with any of them...and this was back in the day when there was a better class of people there!

    If these fools actually believed in a God, they must feel he cannot think.

    The whole Witness religion is a joke.

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