As a JW how would you answer this if someone brought it up in the ministry?

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  • NikL

    As a JW I pretty much just went along with what was taught from the platform I didn't do any real bible study. As a result, now that I am out of the Org. I find scriptures that blow my mind.

    I am not sure how I would have reacted if someone had pointed this out to me when I was a JW but now I can't believe I've NEVER noticed this before.

    In Luke 2:11 it says (speaking of Jesus) in NWT

    For today there was born to you in David’s city a savior, who is Christ the Lord

    There is a reference to Isiah 9:6

    For a child has been born to us,
    A son has been given to us;
    And the rulership will rest on his shoulder.
    His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.

    So Jesus is "mighty God", "Eternal Father"?

    Think back and remember how a JW would answer this?

    I am curious as I am thinking of bringing it to my still in wife and wondering what the reaction would be.

  • _Morpheus

    The dubs explain it as meaning “mighty god” in a figurative sense. Master worker blah blah powerful, more than other angles but not ALMIGHTY god, didnt use elohim etc etc

    eternal father because he redeemed mankind from sin and death and therefore became father to the human race, the second adam.

    Excuse me while i go throw up

  • NikL

    Excuse me while i go throw up

    Don't hog the loo. I am right behind you!

    Thanks for the answer.

    So if the householder demanded proof of that they would say?
  • freddo

    I used to say "You cannot find ALMIGHTY anywhere in the Bible in reference to Jesus. Only to Jehovah."

    I also used to say "Which is the more senior? Father or Son? ... So as a Son, then Jesus is subject to his Father, Jehovah."

    If you want a scripture to cut the feet from under JW's try Luke 21 v 8.

  • snapdragon4

    The flaw in the JW argument is that in the following chapter Isaiah 10:21 - 23 the Lord Almighty is also referred to as Mighty God

  • steve2

    I'm surprised that an ex-JW says they've just noticed the Scripture in Isaiah. Perhaps JWs nowadays really aren't as schooled up in their arguments. Ouch!

    My question would be this: How do the Jews view this Scripture in their Hebrew Bible - after all they have never embraced the Trinity? Remember that those who reject the Trinity are well aware of verses that appear to support it, such as Christadelphians, JWs, Unitarians etc.

    i coulldnt care less who does or doesn't accept the Trinity - arguments over this topic have gone on for centuries, dating back as far as the 3rd century.

    What I find stupendous is people who assert that an individual's life depends on which side of the argument they fall. So JWs argue if you worship God as a Trinity, you're doomed while Trinitarians argue that rejection of the Trinity means death. Excuse me whilst I tune out the stupid warnings of both sides.

  • Fisherman

    Cross reference scriptures reconcile the verse.

  • sparrowdown

    This was one of my favourite scriptures back in my JW days.

    As a good little robot I would have said it means a "mighty god " ie in the role of and a "eternal father" figure ie in the role of - or some such thing. But, in my heart of hearts I would have thought naaah FT! Jesus is da man! I was a bit of a closet rebel like that. I had memorized official WT inerpretations but kept my private take on stuff, which probly explains why I ended up here.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    God is a concept, by which we measure, our, pain.

    I'll say it again.

  • pseudoxristos

    So, if Jesus is a "Mighty God", does that mean that he is a true god? If not, then what is the point. If he is a true god, then is there more than one God?

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