Should this Body of elders be considered blood guilty?

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  • sparrowdown

    This sort of incident is why it so important to use you own better judgement rather than blindly believe and obey the spoken and unspoken "rules" of this cult. This cult does not care who dies in the process of "obeying."

    You are expendable colateral damage - nothing more.

    Stop listening

    Stop obeying

    Stop being harmed!

  • leaving_quietly

    How very sad.

    Whether the elders are bloodguilty or not is not for us to judge. I imaging they felt that people would use their own judgement. And I imagine they feel absolutely horrible for what happened, probably more than one feeling at least somewhat responsible. It is something they will have to live with.

    This is like traffic lights at an intersection. At least here in the U.S. many intersections don't get a traffic light until there's a fatal accident. At least that's the way it seems. Is the city or county bloodguilty? Not really. But they're going to do what they can to help reduce the risk in the future. No doubt these elders will recall this tragedy when considering canceling in the future. The ramifications of this will last far into the future.

  • Crazyguy
    Lets not forget in 2013 the elders did not cancel the Thursday night meeting even though the biggest typhoon in the history of the Philippines was about to hit. In fact they encouraged them to stay in the kingdom halls when the authorities said to get to higher ground. So if you want your blood guilt there's a much better example. Let not forget in the book of Romans the superior authorities are the government, the elders went against their advice. So guilty.
  • WTWizard

    There is no need for a physical trip to a boasting session. Simple as that. All they need do is upload the program onto their tv-dot-jw-dot-borg site and encourage those who cannot or should not attend to view it there. This applies to those who are sick or otherwise unable to leave their homes as well, and the boasting session will be there for those who have to work until 6 in the morning and then go to the boasting session for later viewing. I used this trick to view TV shows that were broadcast while I was at work or sleeping--it is called a VCR. That has been around for the public since 1976.

    For this reason, there is no need to even have the damn boasting session if roads are not safe to travel, it is too hot or cold, or it becomes prohibitively expensive. With the new encouragement to get electronic devices, they can simply tune into tv-dot-jw-dot-borg and get the whole thing right on their own computer. No accidents, no endangering other traffic, no impeding snowplows from doing their jobs for nothing, no wasting gas, no putting CO2 into the air for nothing, and no polluting the air by wearing suits that then need to be dry cleaned. As for money, I believe those sites have those donation buttons that are better off ignored.

  • stuckinarut2

    If other halls in that immediate area saw fit to cancel the meeting on safety grounds, then that cong is accountable for still having the meeting and expecting most to attend.

    So was the young child ok??

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Personal responsibility. People have free will. If I get killed going somewhere it is my responsibility that I made the decision to go.

    Blood guilty would have been that the elders told the congregation that they had to come to the meeting no matter the weather and that Jehovah would protect them no matter the circumstance and no harm could come to them if they came no matter what. Maybe then. But not cancelling a meeting? No. That would not be it.

  • truthlover

    Its true, they focus on meeting attendance, but where I live, and its snowing or road is icy, home is where I stay!! I don't need a call to tell me something may go wrong.. and my car is well equipped ....... common sense plays a big part..... Maybe the husband was controlling enough to say they were going to the meeting... who knows, an accident is an accident, .... especially with a 3 year old, where were their two heads??? She may have been so under the thumb that she didn't think for herself in this matter.....

    Yet so many are brain washed, its a terrible thing when you give your common sense over to others... Gerrnany was a good example in WW2 - and that was a whole nation or 99 percent of it was

  • tiki
    We are all responsible for our own actions. If I opt to go out and drive in dangerous weather conditions and I am in an accident....I took the chance and cannot blame anyone else for my personal stupidity. I believe it would have been a far wiser choice for them to have cancelled the meetings...but the fools who got out there behind the wheel to go made a choice and sadly...they own it.
  • LongHairGal


    Even though I am sorry about this young woman, I don't know if they are actually blood guilty. I remember years ago attending a weekend class in a community college after it snowed and I did a 360 degree skid. What a scary experience.

    Now, every school I know of closes at the merest suggestion of snow or ice. They are worried about LIABILITY more than anything else. I don't know where this tragedy took place, but I believe around where I live the meeting would have been cancelled.

    I also remember back in the day the talk about how you shouldn't miss meetings unless there was a good reason. I also noticed the people doing the most finger-pointing weren't in the work force and were not exhausted like somebody with a job.

    But, with no announcement of the hall being closed due to inclement weather, you can rest assured some die-hard would show up!

  • dbq407
    Yes the young child was ok. It has always bothered me how much they push the meetings and not to miss them no matter the circumstances. I can remember driving thru snowstorms to go to meeting when i was young, because if they weren't cancelled then you were more or less expected to be there. Most of the other cong. cancelled meeting on sunday (I cant confirm if all did). I just feel like the BOE should feel some responsibility for their lack of "caring" for the flock.

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