Did you know most jehovah witnesses don’t even follow their own rules?

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  • Walrus

    (Before you read anything I was born into this religion and am just counting down the days until I can leave) So I made one other post before because I signed up thinking that this was just a one time venting thing for me and everyone that replied on my last post was super helpful and I thank you if you’re reading this one but shit. I’ve never released this much emotion especially to strangers, not even with my own parents and with you guys I feel like I can say anything about how I feel and it’s all good because you all feel the same as I do. But anyway I just got into some shit with my mom and step dad. (while they’re drunk of course) so I want to play football next year in high school (my junior year) and my mom was saying how “we don’t involve ourselves in organized sports” and I asked her why but she gave me no answer. But I know that my brother played in high school so he called me after I text him and he says he did play in high school. But my mom was denying the fact that he did at the school I’m going to. He said he didn’t play at that school but either way he played in high school. But my mom wanted to argue and scream at me that he never played at that school and I’m such a liar. But what does it matter? I didn’t say he played at that specific school I just said he played, my mom and stepdad piece of shit are such hypocritical cunts it’s so amazing how fake they can be in that kingdom hall. My mom started yelling at me that I have no choice in anything at all anymore for literally no reason. She thinks I’m going to die at school because I am homeschooled right now but I haven’t always been homeschooled so she is over the top intense about me going back and she says that if I don’t keep a C average by the end of the semester, then she’s putting me back in homeschool. Actually I can hear her complaining to my sister as I type this on the phone about signing off a release for condoms that the school offers, and basically what she’s saying is “how dare the school offer protection for kids who would like to practice safe sex” what the fuck is wrong with you? It’s not like I’m going to have sex in high school that for me is not the time, but she is so blind of how the world works today it’s horrible. She doesn’t even know what i want so how can a woman who doesn’t know me dictate my life? All my siblings are lucky fucks because they’re already out and my sister smokes weed and my mom gives her such a hard time about it like it’s her decision! She is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen. My mother thinks she knows everything about my life and she doesn’t, she knows barley a quarter of what I do and want and I would like to keep it that way. She wonders why I’m always in my room, it’s because every time I leave my room I’m immediately badgered and yelled at about “I need to make my decision soon and make the RIGHT choice”(she’s talking about getting baptized which will never happen) and every time she says this I scream on the inside like a banshee being buttfucked with a tire iron. Anyway sorry if this one is messy as well and long if you do read through the whole thing, thank you

  • smiddy3

    Venus Williams is a high profile tennis player who claims to be a Jehovah`s witness as i think is her sister Venus Williams ,and i havent heard the JW religion/GB ever saying anything different ?

    That`s in the USA

    In Australia ,professional footballer in the AFL , bearded Alec Rance claims to be a Jehovah`s Witness and again i havent heard the JW religion/Gb saying anything different .

    Note: Neither of them to my knowledge have ever been baptized so that could be there get out of jail card.

    Note : You don`t get to these standards of optimization in your sporting field unless you put in the hard yards of dedication and commitment and years and years of sweat and tears.

    That is not something the Jehovah`s Witness religion want`s you to spend your time effort and money on.

  • Xanthippe

    It's frustrating I know. I was discouraged from going to university because they were having sex in the corridors! My mother was like yours, blind as to how the world works and she wanted to keep her kids naive too.

    JWs are taught the world is a terrible place full of immoral, vile people. It's cult indoctrination to keep them from finding out about normal life or educating their children. As surely as night follows day education will mean the kids realising they're in a cult and the leaders don't want that.

    Hang in there and keep posting here. It's good to vent but please could you try writing in paragraphs? It's a little hard to read without them. Thanks.

  • Tameria2001

    I know all too well the hypocrisy of the JWs. My mom became a JW when I was 4, but my dad never had anything to with religion. My husband was also raised in a JW home as well, his parents became JWs when he was also 4 years of age. Both our parents became JWs for the exact same reason because they were told that Armageddon would happen in the fall of 1975. They were actually teaching that lie at their assemblies, conventions, meetings, and publications. My husband was never interested, but he went along with what his parents to an extent, but was quite rebellious, and also was on the wrestling team at his high school. He made the mistake of getting baptized (at the age of 19) because of pressure from all his JW friends and family. A few years ago both he and I decided we didn't want to have anything to do with the JWs and we sent in a letter informing them of this decision. It was called Dissociation. Those who did this are treated the exact same way as those who are Disfellowshipped, with the shunning and all.

    A couple of years after my husband and I left the JWs, one of his great uncles had a 75-year birthday party, and there was a lot of relatives there, including my husband's mom, dad, brother, and sister, all who are active JWs. His dad was even an elder at the time. What put a very bitter taste in my mouth was when it came to my father-in-law was he celebrated, and sang the happy birthday song right along with everyone else, but still that the balls to act like a "proper" JW in making a point in shunning us. I so wished I had a cell phone at the time and recorded him doing that, and see him in the hot seat. I was not the only one who took notice to that, all the other relatives there know that those people are JWs as well. That man has always been like that, he even celebrated Christmas. Yet he acts like I'm the one who's slime under his feet.

    The JWs don't realize it, but they are in a cult, you can see that first hand on the way they label people who are not of their religion as "Worldly People". They say this to make those individuals as something that is bad for you. When I was in school, I use to know a few kids who played sports, although they were far and few. I move around a lot growing up, 63 different times, and 14 different schools from Kindergarten to my senior year. But one thing I did notice was those who wanted to do something that was not wrapped up in the JW world was looked down on. Some did go off to college, and the witness would say why would you waste your time doing that, the end is "Right Around The Corner". Assuming those kids are still alive, they would now be retired from their chosen profession or getting very close to retirement.

    My biggest regret in life is I fell for their lies till I was 32. Looking back there were things I wished I had done instead. When I was a child I wanted to be a veterinarian, but I choose to put "Jehovah first", that still puts a very bitter taste in my mouth. I went the route of being a regular pioneer, and at that time it was 90 hours in field service a month of going to door to door, and bible studies with people, instead of doing what I wanted, and that was to fulfill my childhood dream. By the time I realized that was bunk, I check out what was required for me to make my dreams happen, but by then it was too late because I missed out on the right opportunity to make those things happen.

    One thing that I'm glad that I did finally wake up at that age because my children were able to go on with their lives without the JWs telling them what they can and can't do. My youngest son is in his third year of college and doing very well. He's a very busy young man, going to school full time, working full time, and keeping his grades up. Now that your in High School, I'm not sure how much you know about this or not, but if you hear of AP classes (United States), those are Advance Placement Classes, meaning they actually give you college credit. My son took a lot of those, and by the time he was in his Freshman year in College, he already had that done. His first year in college he was actually in his second year and had all his math requirements completed. Because he was able to put his schooling first his whole College education is completely paid for, but he must still keep up his grade point average to make that happen.

    I'm only telling you this to give you an idea on what's out there because you sure won't hear about it from any of those involved in the JW religion. One thing you can do is talk to your school counselor, and they can also give you some great advice on things you can do after graduation, and how to prepare for those goals. Also, talk to them about your mother's threat about pulling you from school, and back into home school. Your school counselor can also be of huge help when it comes to your education, and getting ideas on what control you have on your own education life.

  • newsheep

    Get your mom to watch Lethal Weapon. Damon Wayans who plays officer Murta is a jw and that show is all get out violent. But I'm sure she will say it was his after school sports that led him to this life.

  • Tameria2001

    Thanks, newsheep, you gave me an idea. Talking about famous JWs, here is a link to those who are well-known JWs, it also tells if they are still active or not. There are a few professional sports players in there as well.


  • Giordano

    I am going to repeat what Tameria said:

    "One thing you can do is talk to your school counselor, and they can also give you some great advice on things you can do after graduation, and how to prepare for those goals. Also, talk to them about your mother's threat about pulling you from school, and back into home school. Your school counselor can also be of huge help when it comes to your education, and getting ideas on what control you have on your own education life."

    Walrus it's time to get your act together!

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    My sympathies, Walrus. Sadly, so many JW faimlies are as dysffinctional as yours seems to be, but are rather artful at covering it up when in public (at the KH, for example). As Giordano says, Tameria's advice is excellent. Get help from those professional counselors that are available to you at the school.

  • Vidiot
    "Did you know most jehovah witnesses don’t even follow their own rules?"

    In other breaking news...

    ...water is wet.

  • Crazyguy2

    I was a very good athlete when I was young but was denied the ability to play in school. If I had played maybe I would of been able to get into college. I really enjoyed sports especially football. If I had it to do over again i would of found away of playing sports even if it ment running away from home. One needs to follow their passions . We only live once , make it happen for yourself if you really love it! All the things I was good at was denied to me because of this cult, don’t let them do it to you!

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