Now this is weird, ever heard of the "Mandela Effect" ??? What if... ?

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  • slimboyfat

    Never heard of Mandella effect before. I just visited the twilight zone of the Internet. Can't say I'm convinced. Has this got something to do with Jung's ideas on synchronicity. Can't help thinking it's all attempts to ascribe meaning to reality that doesn't belong there.

  • sparrowdown

    I thought the claim was that they were appointed over the "domestics" in 1919 and will be appointed over "all the Master's belongings" at the GT. I 'm sure they keep it confusing on purpose.

  • Simon

    The Mandela Effect is fascinating. It shows how easy it is to fool a lot of people at once. Of course it's not real, but takes advantage of things that sound plausible or that we're unsure about and they they take hold in our brain, all our brains. Someone gets a quote wrong or creates a catch-phrase for a show that is a distortion of what was actually said and then we remember that as being the line from the show.

    The other things I've seen which is fascinating is where people think they have found old photographs (often that they have had for a long time a and frequently of key events in history) which show people in modern dress or with modern equipment - e.g. bystanders near the JFK assassination with modern Camera's.

    Oooooh [queue spooky music]

  • sparrowdown

    Most of the stuff listed as Mandela effect I actually remembered correctly with the exception of the Berenstein /Bernstein bears.

  • Finkelstein

    Lies and bullshit to cover the organization's past lies and bullshit.

    Well that the life of crooked religious charlatans, the ones you keep are dismissive or ignorant to all of it.

    Come to think about its the very reason I left , I couldn't be blind , lying is lying no matter where it comes from.

  • Greybeard

    Here is something fascinating. I have said the Lords Prayer many times in recovery group meetings. We always say, "Let they will be done ON Earth as it is in heaven."

    So I am reviewing evidence for this Mandela Effect and I find out all this time I have been saying it wrong. It is "Let they will be done IN Earth. Let they will be done IN Earth? Ever heard that before? I have not. Look it up in your old King James and check it out for yourself online:

  • sparrowdown

    I just looked up five different Bibles all saying "on." King James seems to be the exception.

  • Greybeard

    Isn't the Old King James the Bible most are quoting the lords prayer from? "Let thy will be done IN Earth?"

    When people recite this prayer, they say "Let thy Kingdom come" and "let thy will be done" quoting the old english of the King James.

    I have never heard anyone say, "Let thy will be done IN Earth." Have you? Maybe I wasn't paying attention I don't know but this really seams strange to me. Not only me, many others who have used the King James all their lives.

  • sparrowdown

    No, never heard that the KJ version says "in" rather than "on" this is new to me too.

  • TerryWalstrom

    This is a huge deal. It is EPIC!

    The only---I said ONLY reason Watchtower leaders have ever given for anybody having to listen to them is that we BELONG to them!

    But--you see--We do NOT because Jesus hasn't given them

    doodly squat!

    They have "run ahead" of Jehovah. The tried to give us "food" at an IMPROPER time.

    They have beaten their slaves (US) and have proven themselves

    the EVIL SLAVE who has gotten away with all this shit simply because all their Chronology is unjustified and THE MASTER HAS DELAYED.

    Watchtower leaders have been acting under FALSE PRETENSES.

    The are illegitimate and have not proven worthy.

    Yes, it is a big deal but the JW's (most of them) cannot appreciate what a big deal it is because NOBODY has any in-depth understanding of Watchtower teachings, except a few Ex-JW's.

    The rank and file are more or less, idiots.

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