New Study Bible Photos!

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  • blondie

    I am not surprised, Atlantis. The WTS has always been afraid to give its members any freedom regarding research unless it is in the WTS publications. And even that is controlled regarding older WTS publications. That is why my motto regarding responding to jws, it so hang the WTS with their own words.

    Yes, starting with Russell who said that if someone tried to read the Bible without the WTS publications, they would learn nothing might even end off worse. So the Bible itself is not enough but things have to be written to support it. Sounds like the Talmud with its over 600 additions to the law code.

    It is no wonder that the Jesus of the bible said the religious leaders of his day were making the word of God invalid.

    (Of course, some will say that Jesus never existed and the bible is only the work of humans, but some humans do put value in it, so if they do the same as the people Jesus condemned, they can consider themselves condemned by their teacher.)

  • smiddy3

    Isn`t that also true of the Roman Catholic Church ? Didn`t they also say that reading the Bible alone wasn`t good enough you had to have the interpretations of the priests ?

    And Jehovah`s witnesses do the same ?

    Doesn`t that show a glaring failure on the Almighty God Jehovah to say what he means ?

    Or even mean what he says ?

    When it all boils down to using imperfect humans to interpret what Jehovah God was meaning to say .

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It looks nice but why the sudden need for yet another Bible? What I'm seeing is another product that they can sell to their 8 million built in JW customers.

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