Do as we SAY, but not as we DO!

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  • BoogerMan

    "It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they've been fooled."

    It's not just JW's who blindly follow their leaders. It's horrifying to see how easily mass-hysteria has been instilled in a nation. Now the government is struggling to convince millions that the "monster under the bed" won't attack their children if they go back to school in 9 days time! The propaganda worked too well.

    Waken up, sheep. The so-called "leaders" themselves don't believe the B.S. they want you to swallow!

    "Dominic Cummings travelled hundreds of miles from London to County Durham during the lockdown when he had coronavirus symptoms. The Scottish National Party's Westminster leader Ian Blackford said Mr Cummings should resign or be dismissed by Mr Johnson and that it was a "key test of leadership" for the prime minister."

    "Scotland's chief medical officer has resigned after making two trips to her second home during the coronavirus lockdown. Dr Catherine Calderwood had apologised for her actions, and initially said she planned to continue in the role. She was backed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who told BBC Breakfast that Dr Calderwood 'made a serious mistake'.

    "Prof Neil Ferguson has quit as a government adviser on coronavirus after admitting an "error of judgement". Prof Ferguson, whose advice to the prime minister led to the UK lockdown, said he regretted "undermining" the messages on social distancing."

  • waton

    Leaders lead to benefit themselves and their's/ The lockdown is to tie down the masses in their crammed quarters, eights,

    It is the same underlying reason we did not have WW 3, it would have killed the leaders, their families, not only the peons they sent to be slaughtered in times past.

  • oppostate

    Conspiramongers make me laugh!

  • matt

    ex jws who continue to drink koolaid when it is offered by their leaders make ME laugh.

    i knew the virus was fake when it was first announced in china. what i didn't know was that it was being used in a much larger plan, which is now becoming painfully obvious. this video is one of the best for explaining the generalities of this hoax. deleted from youtube.

  • atomant

    good luck trying to convince all the x jw;s on this site matt that its a world wide psyop false flag event called the plandemic. Dr kaufman in the above bitchute video exposes it all as one massive hoax very elegantly using kochs postulates and the gold standard. l guess if they fell for 1 lie its just as easy to fall for another lie.The main reasons for bringing about this pandemic hoax are as followed.Firstly to destroy the vast amount of independant lively hoods so they become dependant on the states so they have to do what the states say to get a pety income to barely survive on.What happens when the states stop paying? Secondly to create using health and protecting people as the excuse to create a massive 24/7 real time surveillance system for the entire population and thirdly the big one to use it as an excuse to impose a vaccination on the entire population using the excuse that it is the only way to deal with this so called viris.

  • cofty

    Conspiracy theorists are the most naive and gullible people in society - ironically they think they are enlightened.

    Exactly like JWs.

  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    I'm with you there oppostate and Cofty - I find it astonishing how some will see a conspiracy in just about everything. So the virus is fake is it? And all those coffins are empty? All those mourners are actors? The friend I’ve know since schooldays didn’t spend a week in intensive care and die? His funeral was a hoax and when it’s over we’ll meet up again eh? Laughable and gullible is putting it politely.

  • BluesBrother

    Over 340,000 dead in the World own friend really I’ll at one time... that is serious enough for me to take it seriously. Do you really think politicians want to stall their economies and cause a probable depression?

    I think Cofty and Ultimate Axiom said it right.

  • BoogerMan

    LOL - using the the ad hominem ploy invented by the C.I.A. - "conspiracy theorists" - speaks volumes about the inability of the person to offer factual and truthful scientific data.

    "Exactly like JWs?" Spot on! Exchanging the governing body's "truths" for that of politicians and the MSM* makes the individual even more naïve and gullible than when they were JW's.

    The UK has superseded NK and the blinded refuse to see or research the truth - exactly like JW's!

    Enjoy living in G.B. - Gulag Britain.

  • atomant

    The truth hurts when it comes out. heres one on you tube from same doctor matt on youtube explaining in detail what is really going on .

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