Today's Watchtower Study Oct 6th

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  • smiddy3

    Todays study article for 6th October discusses 2 Cor 4 " We Do Not Give Up."

    Well if their are any current JW`s reading this then they should give up because of the so many documented failed WT predictions over these past 140 years .

    And please don`t look at the many revisionist writings of the GB/WT of their past history ,go to the original publications of the WTB&TS to get what was published at the time .

    And JW.Org will not give you that ,they will give you another revised version of what they printed back then.

    Go to an outside source to get the truth of the matter.

    , such as

  • tiki

    Ding....perfect song idea!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  • waton

    I noticed the illustration of the runners, usually a strong field of Coloured, sprinter from west Africa stock, Endurance from Kenia/Ethiopia, both being distracted and Whitey by default falling over the finish line or stumbling?

  • smiddy3

    waton , that reminded me of the race Steven bradbury an Australian won at the olympics ,speed skating ?


  • punkofnice
    postponed expectations

    Ah, those weazle words. They mask the truth that the corporation(tm) got it usual, as you say BB.

    faithful couple

    Another fictitious pair of goofs. Andre and Andrea?

    The longer I'm out is the more utterly ridiculous the corporation propaganda sounds. Or are they actually getting more retarded as time goes by?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i would have thought the present day edition of the watchtower would rather forget all about Rutherford..and hope he just goes away.

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