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  • BluesBrother

    Todays study article for 6th October discusses 2 Cor 4 " We Do Not Give Up."

    In the race for life Christians must not give up or be distracted by , among other things, postponed expectations . Hmm, what is the difference between expectations, predictions or prophecy? The word expectation puts the emphasis on the individual not the leaders that wrote the misleading material.

    We have an example of a faithful couple who "expected to receive their heavenly reward in 1914" but remained faithful for many decades after. There is no mention of those who did not do so.

    Secular writings report : ( Wikipedia 'Bible Students')

    "By mid-1919 about one in seven Bible Students had chosen to leave rather than accept Rutherford's leadership,[61] forming groups such as The Stand Fast Movement, Paul Johnson Movement, and the Pastoral Bible Institute of Brooklyn.[62] It is estimated that as many as three quarters of the Bible Students associating in 1921 left the movement by 1931 in protest against Rutherford's rejection of Pastor Russell's teachings"

  • tiki

    Those damned apostates!! I recall a publication explaining the departure of many with the advent of public preaching...they were too prideful to witness......

    But...1975 and so many other of the "expectation that makes the heart sick" with this doomsday cult... Just can't stand waiting for that mass destruction...

  • WTWizard

    We must not give up or be distracted by postponed expectations. In other words, when it does not work, just keep wasting your time in this Worldwide Enslavement Work. And, by the time you realize something is really wrong, you will be brain-chipped, living under Noahide Law in the most miserable conditions possible, enslaved with no hope of ever getting out. And it will result in your head coming off if you try to do anything that might be a distraction to full enslavement.

    If that's what you really want, then just keep on wasting your time studying that bible and putting energy into it, trying to live according to it and being sorry when you fall short. Just keep trying to spread that filth through the whole community, whether or not you get any response. The more you waste your time and energy on that bible, jokehovian or any other religion (or quran, which does the same thing), the faster our enslavement comes.

  • nowwhat?

    The reason many balked at the preaching work was because they had to buy all those books first!

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    A big BS on the walking 20 miles to meeting. I looked it up, a soldier ( not elderly couple) marched 15 miles a day, 20 or 30 forced march; the Romans did 22 in training

    Wonder if I have the gumption to comment that they would have to left at 6 or 7 am, then had to spend the night or walk in the dark to get home by mid morning

    Goes with crossing crocodile infested rivers and the other stories

  • FedUpJW

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a brisk walking pace is 2.5 to 4 miles per hour (mph). That averages to 3.25 MPH, or just over 6 HOURS each way. Yep, definitely a BS story.

  • waton
    .they were too prideful to witness.

    tiki, no too shamed to be associated with the Wt false prophets.

    This was a glaring example of victim-blaming, and the virtue of ignorance, blindly following one blunder, false prophecy after an another.

    After the 1914 debacle, next stop.:

    in 1918: We were right,t in 1914, because

    " The world has ended, and millions now living will never die", and the dead will live again in 1925. wt writers now stand condemned by this manipulation, lying about history, twisting it to lead the jws into their suicide mission,

  • Ding

    Maybe the WT needs a new song: "Failed Expectations": sung to the tune of "Good Vibrations."

    "Failed, failed, failed expectations..."

  • waton

    another downgrade in that article was for the partakers, because instead of immortality it is now only everlasting life that they aspire to.

    An attempt perhaps to deflect the John 6 ramification that requires partaking to get earthly, everlasting life.

  • skin

    Is that what happened in 1995 when the generation of 1914 passed away before the end came. All along I thought that idea came from those taking the lead? Obviously, it was my own wrong expectation here, and I can’t prove that now because those taking the lead instructed me to return or destroy any of the old unused WT material I had. Could the end being just around the corner be another one of my wrong expectations? Wait a minute, this WT study says to not give up.

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