Arrival of War in 1914 a Shocking Development

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    WARS BETWEEN 1870 AND 1914

    The JW claim that the period 1870 and 1914 was a time of peace is false. It was an era in which European powers insisted on attempting the colonization of many weaker nations in the world, while competing with each other.

    As a study of the above timeline indicates not one decade of this period could be called peaceful.

    Just before these decades, one of the most destructive wars in world history was fought in China between the ruling Qing dynasty and a rebellion by the Taiping, a Chinese Christian group, nobody will ever definitively know how many died in this long and hard fought rebellion, but the highest estimate is 50 million.

    But lets go on from 1870.

    1870-71 – France and Germany at war.

    1894-05 – Japan and China at war over Korea.

    1897 - Greco-Turkish war

    1897 - German occupies part of China

    1898 - USA-Spanish war

    1899 - USA invades the Philipinnes beginning a very savage war that went on for a long time.

    1899 - Boer war begins in South Africa, between England and Dutch settlers

    1900 - Boxer rebellion starts in China to expel Europeans. Western alliance invades China.

    1904 - Russian-Japanese war. (Important because an Asian power defeats a European war)

    1911 - France invades Morocco.

    1911 - Mexican Revolution.

    1912 - First Chinese Revolution.

    1912 - First Balkan war.

    1913 - Second Balkan war.

    If the above was a long era of world peace, then I’m Jesus Christ.

    The claim that Jehovah’s witnesses make is a bullsh*t view of history and would only be made by uneducated people.

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