Rock band titles from JW history / culture

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  • Onager

    The Soft Knockers

    Shunning Sons

    Physically In Mentally Fucked (P.I.M.F.)

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    The Pretenders (ha! Didn’t even have to change that one!)

    The Comely Feet

    Collective Soul-Stealers

    Insane Crowd Possibilities

    Sister’s Casseroles

    KISS the Son Lest He Be Angry

    Babylon The Great & Her SuperTramps

    The Tragically Unhip

  • punkofnice

    The Geoff Jackson 5

    TOMO is Petty and the Pant-breakers

    Bon Jehovy

  • deegee

    Generation 1914

    No Sabbath

    Armageddon Survivors

    The Truth

    Flip Flop

    Bad Association

    Jehovie's Orgy (organization)

    Jehovie's Peeps (people)

    Millions Now Living Have Died

    Still Alive 'Till 75

    The Resurrected

    Why 1914

    It's All About 1914

    David & The Census

    The Window Washers

    No Higher Education

    Hell is Not On Fire

    The Memorial

    Brotherly Love




    (Better to marry than be) Inflamed with passion

    The John Class

    The Jehonadab Class

    The Bride Class

    The Anointed

    Nu Earth

    Nu Light

    Nu (Sound) System

    Paradise Earth

    Paradise Lost Paradise Regained

    Live Forever

    Wifely Subjection

    Christ's Brothers

    Satan & His Demons

    Ruler of The World

    Ruler of The World Has Been Cast Down

    The Messiah

    Last Days

    Separating Work

    Sanctification (of God's Name)

    Vindication (of God's Sovereignty)

    Pharaoh & The Hardened Heart


    Evil Slave

    Faithful & Discreet Slave

    Table of Demons

    Pearls To Swine

    Michael The Archangel

    Superior Authority

    The First Adam

    The Second Adam

    Last Adam

    Jehovie's Kingdom of A Thousand Years

    The Millennium

    See You In Paradise

    This Side of Armageddon

    Babylon The Great Has Fallen Jehovie's Kingdom Rules


    Talking Snake

    Sampson & the Jackass Jawbone

    Preaching Work

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Kool Aid & the Gang.

  • deegee

    Freddie Franz & The Miscalculation

    Gideon & His 300 Men At Work

    Jehovie's Army

    The Foolish Virgins

    The Wise Virgins

    Lion of The Tribe of Judah

    The Benjaminites

    Israel of God

    Spiritual Israel

    Stay Alive 'Till 75

  • punkofnice

    Religious Snare & the Rackets

    Average Shite Band

    Cumbersome Fake and Trauma

    ...have we had The Doors?

  • deegee

    Jehovie's Chariot

    The Ten Plagues

    Revelation's Climax

  • OnTheWayOut

    You guys are hilarious. Some serious names:

    Christian Rock Groups:
    Only In The Lord
    Ministerial Servants
    Waiting On Jehovah
    Spirit Direction
    Scripturally Free

  • Londo111

    The Time, Times and Half a Time

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