As an elder or MS, how did you NOT see it, or did you just fake it ???

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I find it fascinating, I never had a position in the congregation,

    How does an elder, who sees all the flipflops in doctrine, the special body of elders letters and publications, and jc, and elders meetings, not see that the Watchtower is full of ----,

    Did judical commitees, and elders meetings take a toll on you ??? family ? depression ? feeling overwelmed ?

    just curious, how the mindset of an elder works ???

    any thoughts here ???

  • Dimples

    I wondered the same thing. Seems to me that they stay because they like the POWER they have. I also believe even though they deny it....that they are getting money for what they do. Some how, some way....they are getting PAID!!!

  • Elsewhere

    Its easy... the bOrg have created a culture of "change" (New Light). Every time something changes, my family gets all excited... it's like a high for them. The more profound the change, the greater the high.

    I remember going to assemblies and hearing my family go on about how they wonder what "New Light" was going to be revealed.

    I guess it's like a techie getting all excited about the new gizmo that was just released... he is not at all concerned about the fact that all the time and energy he put into learning the last technology will all have been for nothing... and he is going to have to do it all over again.

  • stillajwexelder

    I saw it all along believe it or not -- I had even read COC by Ray Franz -- but I just said to myself -- whereelse is there for me to go lord as Peter said to Jesus. I also enjoyed the extra priviledges -- but it eventually got to me -- drained me emotionally and took its toll on family and family life -- I resigned as an elder and started to fade gradually -- I am still in -- in good standing (or relatively good) -- the enew system is always "just around the corner -- very close" and that is what seems to keep most going -- how long this will last is anyone's guess.

  • metatron

    I can't speak for others, but initially I truely believed it was the 'truth'.

    Later, I couldn't justify many of its claims - so I reasoned that it and much of the Bible was relative truth,

    necessary because of human weakness. I assumed the organization was the best example of morality.

    It became more and more obvious to me that the organization was going nowhere - except racking up

    numbers that meant less and less with each passing year. The Circuit Overseers were alternately oppressive

    predators or ineffectual intinerants.

    The Bulgarian Compromise really set me off. Finally, everything came together - the Watchtower was simply

    an uncaring business-cult. My fellow elders - "friends" for 20 some years - covered up my daughter's molestation

    and df'd her. It was then that I realized that more than uncaring was involved - I had zealously supported a cult

    that is truly evil.


  • Elsewhere
    the enew system is always "just around the corner -- very close"

    Any day now... just a little longer... soon... just a short while longer... just remain loyal... any day now...

  • caspian

    Hook line and sinker.

    Even with the evidence in front of me I couldnt see the wood for the trees.

    It was JEMIMAH who patiently helped me to see the truth for what it was, but it still took him a while.


  • drwtsn32

    I was an MS for a while. I didn't see more information than the regular publishers. About the only thing that ever surprised me was how the CO was pretty cold during those Elder/MS meetings. He drilled me about my service time and wouldn't accept any excuse (my wife was pretty ill with symptoms of a chronic illness that was not diagnosed at that point).

    I like what Elsewhere said... new light is something JWs get really excited about. "I wonder if there will be any new light at this convention?" "Oh, did you hear about the new light? Isn't it wonderful?!"

  • Euphemism

    Like drwtsn, I was an MS. I wasn't officially privy to any special information, but I did know about a lot of crap from friends and relatives who were elders. And I could tell, just for myself, that there were serious things wrong with the organization.

    I was blind to the depth of the problems, however; I felt that I should just do my best to promote reasonableness and sanity in my own circle, and trust Jehovah to take care of the organization as a whole.

  • undercover
    I was an MS for a while. I didn't see more information than the regular publishers. About the only thing that ever surprised me was how the CO was pretty cold during those Elder/MS meetings.

    Same here. I was an MS on and off. No special books or perks for the MS's. In fact, life was hard for us at times. We kept the records, sold the literature before and after the meetings, led the field service meetings during the week, etc. Had to be at the meetings early to unlock the hall. Last one out to lock it up.

    I still remember the CO visits and the meetings with the elders/MS's. He went from being a motivating, easy going, kid friendly, older, spiritual man with the meekness of Christ to a company director or manager operating a quarterly report meeting with his supervisors. It was strictly business. The elders came in all uptight, like they knew they were gonna get chewed out for something. Usually someone did. I remember one CO ripping into one MS because he asked a question. Told him he wasn't there to ask questions, he was there to listen. That same CO read a sentance out of the organization book and completely mis-applied it. That was the beginning of the end for me. The CO was operating from a script that came from the Society during the MS portion of the meeting, so I knew he just wasn't making this up. As he went on with his script, I read the whole paragraph and then the skimmed the chapter. I knew that something was amiss. I spent that whole hour going over in my head wondering why they would do this and how dumb did they think we were. Afterwards I spoke with other MS's and a couple of them agreed that it didn't seem right, but they were sure there was a reason. From then on, I started questioning everything. And here I am.

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