How to wind up a JW

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The best way to wind up a JW is to use their own fallacious tactics when debating them. Then when they point out the errors of the tactics you're using take their corrections and apply back at them to their use of the very same fallacious arguments in defending the JW belief system.

  • OutsiderLookingIn
    Wasn't there an official WT teaching from some years back about how much of a sacrifice Jesus' death was?
    As in, as many on here have posted, it really wasn't much of a sacrifice. 12 hours of torture, 36 hours of death, and then resurrection to glory. Millions if not billions of humans have had far more painful experiences.
    So, the WT argument went, Jesus' sacrifice was that he could have fathered a race of perfect children. He could have decided to marry and try to reform human society through his descendants. He was potentially the father to millions of perfect human offspring, who could have transformed human society and even the planet. But that way was not "Jehovah's purpose", so he humbly did it Jehovah's way and made that sacrifice.

    Huh?? How odd. The strangest and most infuriating thing to me is how the Watchtower will criticize the biblically sound beliefs of Christendom yet speculate ad nauseum on a series of "what ifs". Race of perfect children? With whom? Wouldn't His wife have been an imperfect human?

    They cloud the issues at the heart of Christianity--who Jesus is and what He did--then glom on layers of "spiritual" nonsense. Missing the forest for the trees as usual and of course, missing the point that Jesus's sacrifice was as the ultimate Passover lamb--that's why the system of animal sacrifice isn't a part of Christianity. I'm convinced the only way the Watchtower makes any converts is because the unfamiliar information looks like insights rather than the confusion it really is .

  • slimboyfat

    Reminds me of this excellent poem by Stevie Smith:

    Was He Married?

    Was he married, did he try

    To support as he grew less fond of them

    Wife and family?


    He never suffered such a blow.

    Did he feel pointless, feeble and distrait,

    Unwanted by everyone and in the way?

    From his cradle he was purposeful,

    His bent strong and his mind full.

    Did he love people very much

    Yet find them die one day?

    He did not love in the human way.

    Did he ask how long it would go on,

    Wonder if Death could be counted on for an end?

    He did not feel like this,

    He had a future of bliss.

    Did he never feel strong

    Pain for being wrong?

    He was not wrong, he was right,

    He suffered from others’, not his own, spite.

    But there is no suffering like having made a mistake

    Because of being of an inferior make.

    He was not inferior,

    He was superior.

    He knew then that power corrupts but some must govern?

    His thoughts were different.

    Did he lack friends? Worse,

    Think it was for his fault, not theirs?

    He did not lack friends,

    He had disciples he moulded to his ends.

    Did he feel over-handicapped sometimes, yet must draw even?

    How could he feel like this? He was the King of Heaven.

    ...find a sudden brightness one day in everything

    Because a mood had been conquered, or a sin?

    I tell you, he did not sin.

    Do only human beings suffer from the irritation

    I have mentioned? learn too that being comical

    Does not ameliorate the desperation?

    Only human beings feel this,

    It is because they are so mixed.

    All human beings should have a medal,

    A god cannot carry it, he is not able.

    A god is Man’s doll, you ass,

    He makes him up like this on purpose.

    He might have made him up worse.

    He often has, in the past.

    To choose a god of love, as he did and does,

    Is a little move then?

    Yes, it is.

    A larger one will be when men

    Love love and hate hate but do not deify them?

    It will be a larger one.

  • Earnest

    You could mention the Coptic "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" which was publicised about four years ago and discussed on JWN at the time, However, there has been a recent article suggesting there is some doubt as to its authenticity. But I wouldn't put it beyond those Gnostics having inside information.

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