How to wind up a JW

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  • slimboyfat

    He is a only a young JW so it was a bit strange he used the word cross. I guess it's in the wider culture and can slip out even if you've not been a church goer.

    sir82 the reasoning didn't make much sense to me either but he was pretty animated about it. So I backed down.

  • NVR2L8

    I get the reasoning: if Jesus was married it would certainly be written in the scriptures, so because it isn't mentioned we can assume that he remained single; or: if the scriptures do not mention that Jesus was single we can assume that he was married. Both assumptions have the same merrit...they are both ASSUMPTIONS.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    why make it complicated ?

    ask them if they've heard of rutherford.

    if they have ( unlikely )---ask which cult name he invented--and---when.

  • aboveusonlysky

    How to wind up a JW?

    Forget whether or not JC was married, just tell them his beard was awesome.

  • Bonsai

    If you see Jesus in my post, give me an AMEN! Hit me with it people!

  • sparrowdown
    You should have said it was a question from readers from a while ago or possibly an awake since they are intended for the public, you can introduce a lot of subversive thoughts by claiming a long lost question from readers.

    How to wind up a JW

  • OrphanCrow



    I can't stop cheeks are hurting

  • Magnum

    sir82, I explicitly remember that.

  • sparky1

    sir82, I remember that line of reasoning also. To me it never made a bit of sense. Jesus didn't give up 'jack shit' by not being married. He lived for countless millions or billions or even trillions of years as Jehovah's 'Master Worker' before he came to Earth. In his lifetime he had already seen everything and had his 'finger' in all known creative works. In Noah's day, it was a sin for the 'angels' to materialize and get married and have children. Would it not be just as much of a sin for Jesus Christ (who was Michael the Archangel according to Watchtower teaching) to do the same? At any rate, we have Jesus who lived supposedly for countless eons of time, came to earth for about 33 years, was killed and remained dead for parts of 3 days. Then he was resurrected to immortal life as a spirit creature; never to experience death again. Why would he waste his time having a wife and children and live with a 'limited' material body? I don't believe any rational creature that was given a real chance at immortality in a non-material body wouldn't waste their time as a puny human tied down to a wife and children.

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