Jehovah will put it in their hearts to destroy all religion--I Don't think so!

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  • jhine

    Good example I believe .

    Being atheist makes you NOT religious . So if religion is the cause of all the world's evils , as is often posited on here then it should follow that non religious ideologies like communism should be wonderful .

    l don't see long queues of people waiting to move to Russia , China , or North Korea . In fact l have just read on another thread the comment " California is turning into North Korea " because of some silly laws that are being proposed .

    Non religious N Korea and China have the worst records for human rights .

    Countries like GB , France , Italy , Australia etc where the laws , general attitudes and traditions are based on Christian teaching are the places most people are trying to get into , as opposed to countries with Muslim or communist founding principals .

    "but because of the need to rule by force. It is that, that is the driver for being oppressive."

    Why do they need to rule by force , because the people in those countries are unhappy .

    l'm not saying that being atheist makes you more inclined to be inhumane to your fellow man ,

    but wiping out religion doesn't solve the problem .


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