The end of this system is so very near.....NOT

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    Alfred is 100 % right ! Google Maps does show tennis courts and a basketball court on the property. The picture Alfred shows speaks volumes on what the Society thinks of themselves and what they think of the brothers and sisters in Haiti.

    I was on a cruise last year and the cruise ship made a stop in Labadee,Haiti. It was a beach area for the cruise line. Looking at the town of Labadee, it had homes with sheet metal roofs,homes no larger than a two car garage,hilly with bad dirt roads,smoking hot all year long and I'm sure that 99.9% of all the homes have no air-conditioning.

    While all the Warwick faithful enjoy their air-conditioned rooms, offices, and maybe play a little tennis and a game of basketball, the last thing in their minds is the people of Haiti.

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  • Vanderhoven7

    The GB have to keep in shape for the rigors of TV evangelism and their globe-hopping excursions.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    so looking at that link to google map--does the watchtower own all that--or are the tennis courts a separate plot over the road ?

  • pepperheart

    They have not been printing 60 million magazines a month for a good while now and next year they will be printinging even less so with all the money they are saving they could pay people to do cart work for 60 hours a week rather than a month after all the end is SO CLOSE lol

  • Finkelstein

    Good Grief what a bunch of Hypocrites.

    These are the same guys who said that the organization is low on money and that children should give up their candy money so that the organization can survive and operate.

    I knew there was a pool and sauna on the compound but tennis and basketball courts !!!

    People should use this picture to show that the WTS is far from being poor.

    The GB have got it sweet and easy, they get to stay and live on this brand new complex, never have to worry about money or health insurance, food, shelter and drive cars that are paid for by the WTS and fly around the world paid for also by the WTS.

    I want to be a GB member.


    ... World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses ... tennis courts, ... A Findings Statement was issued by the Warwick Town Planning Board as Lead

    The plans do show tennis courts and a basketball court.

  • Jayk

    Sports arent wrong. Playing competitive/contact sports is, I was fortunate enough my mom let me play lacrosse in school. I don't think she understood how brutal that was till it was to late. But she took a stand against me on ju jitsu while I lived with her. I know witnesses who have a tennis court/basketball in there back yard. I wouldn't imagine the org saying anything to them because they are super rich and probably donate alot.

  • Finkelstein

    I get the instinctive feeling that the GB started to realize or be aware a couple of years ago that their doctrines were running out of valid legitimacy so they put forward the agenda to cash out !!!


    Corrupt charlatans

  • skin

    What about all that time wasted playing tennis and basket ball? shouldn't that time should be spent promoting WT interests.

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