Lost and Sad, Then He Found Me...

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    If you're enrolled in college and you have parents support in it, meaning they are bucking the WTS advice and going out on a limb for you, don't crap in your own nest. I don't think you realize how fortunate you.

    You're young and I'm sure you (think you) are in love, but most of us old folks went through lots of those "true loves" between 18 and 21 (or whatever). You might not like to hear this, but that's a very likely scenario in your relationship with him based on what you told us: "He isnt in the best place right now." You should likely keep a "safe distance" until he is in a "better place" in his life. That means just stay "friends". (But knowing how hormones affect 18 year olds, it's probably to late for that advice. So, don't get caught boinking him or staying overnight with him or you won't have to worry about the decision to DA. You'll be DFd in a JW second!)

    You got some great advise from Pete. Whether you listen to it or disregard it will demonstrate how "mature" and "wise" of an 18 year old person you are. . . . Doc

  • Jahlove

    Just love jah more then anything we all have a hearts desire that's what god wants I mean you could stop cursing or whatever too but compared to your deepest hearts desire those are small potatoes is your family your hearts desire or your man whatever it is foster the ability to let it go if jah calls for it and ask yourself who? Is my mother and my brothers those that love jah's ways are your true family ask him for help but he has probly already guided u you just gotta be fearless be a SOJA a soldier of jah's army

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    Hi! I am New here......

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    Welcome Lovemeforever. We would love to meet you and learn more about you. Please start your own topic with that title so we can greet and welcome you ! I'm looking forward to your story.

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