I need some assistance here please

by bola 15 Replies latest jw experiences

  • vienne

    I agree with Minimus. This poster does not appear to be genuine. I vote troll. ... I would change my mind if he elaborated in a convincing way.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    1. His avatar is his own face on an anti-jw website.

    2. He is asking for certain posters to send information directly that may identify them.

    But I'm sure he is legit πŸ™„

  • minimus

    He’s a bad man, a very bad man. ( from the old Twilight Zone episode)😎

  • Diogenesister

    Bola mentioned wifibandit because he was active when Bola joined. Bola a link is already on one of your threads. Go to your old posts and search. You already asked.

    This way I don't annoy the old guard but Bola find's it.

    Bola was baptised at 10, then reproved afterwards. Ridiculous. Probably in Africa somewhere. FYI he's young and lives at home. Not underage but that's irrelevant if you live somewhere that housing is either unavailable or prohibitive. For example housing in London is typically Β£800,000 for a house. Also if he's in Africa goodness knows what his circumstances are.

    Those who live in the USA don't understand the housing problem in other parts of the world. When I see American 'Ghettos' they often look like palaces to me, garden, basement and all!!!! (How the people in those areas behave is another question!😬)

  • Overrated

    Seriously.....I smell a rat!

  • minimus

    Dio, this creation could live anywhere. He/she just gets their kicks out of trying to get responses, especially if someone is believing their silliness

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