Messages From My Uber JW Sister - It's Like Talking To A Brick Wall

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  • pale.emperor

    Thanks guys.

    Scratchme1010 and Awakenednow, you're absolutely right. Our father died about 13 years ago. She clings to the idea of seeing him again in the new system. I understand that and i dont push the issue, i dont want to upset her by saying he's dead and he's not coming back. This is the hold the org has on her. As i said in the texts, if my dad knew what i knew he would have left the org. But then, i dont know if he would have researched as much as i did.

    Her husband went through a year of inactivity about 4 years ago. During that time he says he visited apostate sites and came back to "the truth" because "there's nothing out there". I dont know where he went because the two most popular sites (this one and JWFacts) are abound with evidence.

  • Lostandfound

    You can see the WT logic behind shunning, if family members "exposed" as they view it, to faders, dfd or just plain gone away, it always a threat to the top, so keep on shunning, flee from common sense, but mainly keep the money rolling. Exposure to the world in any form makes for more people seeing TTATT. Heartbreaking that families raped this way by the unmagnificent seven

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