Messages From My Uber JW Sister - It's Like Talking To A Brick Wall

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  • pale.emperor

    What follows below is a Facebook Messenger conversation with my sister last night. I was surprised she messaged me. I think it's because the cart witnesses i spoke to in my previous post in her KH must have mentioned that they met me.

    I screen shot the messages but they've come out all wonky so please bare with me.

    Notice how she defends the cult even over the blatant wrong doings i refer to.

    A bit of background: Sarah is a girl that was raised in "the truth", was never baptised and has had multiple affairs from her husband. My sister still considers her one of her best friends because she's known her from childhood.

    Andrew was an elder who left the org after researching 1914 and is now a happy member of a Christian denomination. He does lots for charity and even volunteers counseling for suicidal people. (Yet JW's consider him worthy of shunning). His siblings were never baptized and live normal "worldly" lives and are still invited to witness parties and weddings.

    My uncle Mark was a JW who successfully faded. They still talk to him but are wary of him.

    Charlie and Betty: Charlie was an elder in our old KH who was physically abusing his wife for 20 years. She went to the elders and was accused of being a liar (there were no 2 witnesses). My dad saw him beat her and reported him, Charlie denied it. My dad was counseled and told by two elders that "you'll never go higher than a min servant" (he was a min servant at the time).

  • Hairtrigger

    Wow! That's some wall yu are up against.

    "They are human and can make mistakes" seems to excuse every wrongdoing of these blasted heads and their minions in this cult ; as cult members the indoctrination makes for hard- headed women and men. The brain wash is some creepy beetlejuice crawling through their very genetic structure; befuddling their rationale and logic.

    Sorry about your situation with your sister. Hopefully she will have an epiphany someday soon that will remove the cobwebs from her thinking

    Keep your chin up mate!

  • kpop

    It is crazy how brainwashed they are. You can't change their mind, no matter what evidence you provide. You could show them literally from the WT and other JW publications that indeed 607 is wrong, and they will come up with another excuse like, "we should not rely on dates..." or they will justify it one way or another.

    Sickening. A cult is a cult is a cult.

  • DesirousOfChange


    I'm gonna help you feel better:

    Image result for hitting your head against a wall

    It gets the same results as talking to a diehard JW about TTATT.

  • Landy

    I'd have shunned her for her spelling and grammar alone!

  • pale.emperor

    I know right? You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

    i genuinely have no plans of tearing her away from Watchtower if it truely makes her happy. It's frustrating that she doesn't respect MY beliefs (or non belief). And my daughter isn't gonna know her own cousins and aunts/uncles. And for what? Me not believing that a god exists? What kind of witness does that give?

  • scratchme1010

    Thanks for sharing that, I'm sure it's not exactly a pleasant exchange at all, leave alone that it's your own sister.

    Something caught my attention, and as I have mentioned before, reasoning with them about facts and teaching may bear little productivity. However, I do notice in her conversation that she ties up her believes with your father. Seems like he's not alive. To me it looks like she's been more loyal to your father's legacy than to the WT teachings.

    Maybe if you address what she's implying about what she feels instead of what she says about the WT teachings may take you in a different direction.

    Either way, as frustrating as it may look, it's also possible that this exchange may stick and may become relevant for her in the future. You just don't know.

  • Awakenednow

    I thought similar Scratchme... my sister can't think for herself because she feels so many are so much smarter then her and chose this so it must be true, especially our mother. Funny last night, my mother told me that I am just a deep thinker and my sister is not and that's why she'll never be able to socialize with me because she is afraid I will make sense and confuse her and she doesn't want the confrontation.apparently, my mom thinks she is way strong and can take my doubts on without affect. So, reading your texts PE, I think your sister is "honoring" your dad and to open to you it would betray him. He was "loyal to Jah (borg) and so she must be". It's a belief based on bias and the survival brain kicks in against thought and reason, and no reasonable critical thinking and proven facts can penetrate at this time. IT TOTALLY SUCKS! Sending you a knowing hug...

  • Giordano

    I understand you have to straddle the line because of your joint parenting with your wonderful daughter.

    My wife and I spent forty years trying to be open and above board with our in laws. Of course we didn't have a child held hostage to their beliefs. We were united in raising our son free of the JW world..

    I know you are working it all out and doing a really good job of filling in with your share of child raising while balancing a cold family relationship.

    The mistake my wife and I made was that we took my mother and sister and her family as normal. They weren't, they appeared normal but looked forward to billions dying horribly so they could build a paradise new world on the bones of the dead. They thought a transfusion was about eating blood but it wasn't........... it's a transplant.

    They teach that higher education is a waste of time and even dangerous....... then they put out a call for volunteers who were college educated.

    They want your daughter to remain silent in the KH except for simple WT answers.

    None of this is acceptable,

    You should engage only when a family member comes to you with their heart broken because they learned TTATT.

    Until a slave is willing to fight for their freedom you will never have a message that will resonate with a captive JW.

    You and they do not live in the same world. They have their support, their KH , their assemblies....friends and the Society. What they don't have is the truth.

    You need to put yourself, ....your ego aside...... Yes you are now the smartest guy in the room with your family when it comes to JW beliefs. Unfortunately your close family has chosen obedience and ignorance over all.

    Your mission at this point is to focus on creating a truly wonderful alternate life for your daughter so she will have a choice when that day of reckoning happens.

  • stuckinarut2

    Ah PE!

    Wow...I understand how frustrating that must be!

    As you know though, LOGIC and FACTs have NOTHING to do with Jehovah's Witnesses...

    The society is making things more emotional, and just using the tactic of "loyalty = obeying everything the GB directs".

    Stay strong, but maintain your dignity, poise and grace. By doing that, you will demonstrate more to your sister and show here that you are the balanced, reasonable and happy person. Don't allow her to make you get frustrated, or it will just play into the hands of the "bitter apostate" idea that the GB says we all are.

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