Watchtower's unscriptual boasting about works

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  • Chook

    Even Jesus had the decency to feed the poor, ask the GB how many of the poor they have cloth'd . That's a good idea for our zealous apostates, to go up to Jw carts and ask for some money for a feed.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Well, they must have plenty to boast about.

    I mean they were invisibly handpicked by Jesus out of all the rest of the church groups as being worthy to represent the kingdom of God...while all the other churches were rejected. If God entrusted them with his authority, and exclusively gave them the mandate and ability to interpret the Bible for true believers, then we ought to surrender our consciences and respect and follow every word they say...even if it results in unnecessary loss of health, family and life itself. Remember too, only the GB/FDS are spirit-directed in a non inspired way. Only they understand the Bible; only they are permitted to add to scripture, names, dates and events that never occur which only proves their zeal for the kingdom. And only they have spread a false name for God throughout the world.

    If they don't boast, who will boast for them?

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Another text to add to the list is Luke 18:9-14. Watchtower and JWs often behave exactly like the pharisee in that parable.

  • Spoletta

    If the Witnesses were truly as wonderful as they imagine, the world would take notice. The absence of any meaningful contribution to alleviate suffering in the world says all you need to know.

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I live in NYC....lately, I've been taking the bus to work...The Bus travels down 5th Avenue...From Central Park all the way downtown to 23rd street....homeless...everywhere...sleeping ON THE BENCHES OUTSIDE OF CENTRAL PARK in the doorways of Fendi, Louis Vitton and ON THE STEPS OF CHURCHES....they are you won't help the homeless...we'll just be an eye sore...

    So all that to many homeless do you think will sleep or beg in front of a kingdom hall...well, first of all most of them have a gate around the bldg. so the homeless can only be outside the gate...don't think the homeless would hang out in front of a kingdom hall...because it's well known....witnesses don't help nobody...

    Imagine, it's common knowledge among the homeless...sure our works...they forgot that God gave his son for our's a gift...and you can't work for it...that's why God says it's are a result of changing to be a better person...doesn't mean you have to kill yourself for God in the ministry or whatever you think you have to do to earn the sacrifice...Witnesses can't change that's why they work so hard...they only have faith when things are good...oh Jehovah is so good, but let something happen, well, we know Satan is in charge of this system...blah blah...



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