List of "pagan" things JW's allow

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    The word 'Christian' was coined by Pagans.

    The first followers of Christ borrowed Jewish terms to describe themselves, such as 'believers' and 'disciples' .Two of the early missionaries, Paul and Barnabas, went to work spreading the Gospel in the Pagan metropolis of Antioch, where the locals derisively called them 'Christians'.


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    Slimboyfat this article made my day hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    cats are unclean animals. Some unclean practices indulged in by cats include coughing up furballs, licking inappropriate body areas, urinating on the floor, eating dead animals with their blood, sexual misconduct without the benefit of marriage, abuse of catnip, and stealing food from the table, just to name a few. Uncleanness is one of the “works of the flesh” condemned by the apostle Paul. The Bible clearly shows that “neither fornicators …or thieves will not inherit the Kingdom.” In addition Paul admonishes us to “quit mixing in company” with such unclean ones.

    Calenders-every day and month is based or named after a Roman or Greek pagan god or goddess.

    Planet names, no more saying Mars or Venus or Youranus

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    Witness 007

    Many Elders going to "Starwars the force awakens" even though its full of demonic powers.

  • Heaven

    Neckties. And Black Cats. Also, Black Cats in Neckties... I'm pretty sure they are uber Pagan and acceptable.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Smurfs are pagan aren't they? And they are allowed?

  • stuckinarut2

    You know that the early bible students / jw's invented their own calendar that didn't use the pagan names!?

    Seriously! Research it.

    Obviouusly, it never caught on....

  • Heaven

    notsurewheretogo said: Smurfs are pagan aren't they? And they are allowed?

    I dunno... but my JW Mom gave me a Papa Smurf stuffed doll. I still have it. * grin *

  • blondie

    Luaus (pagan meals to the Hawaiian gods)

    Pinatas (candy inside for birthdays and other celebrations)

    A search on JWN should find a lot of material

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