Warning: A. Vogel (JW-run organization) treatments popping up in the US

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  • fulano

    Yes the BOLLE and DRENTH family, I remember them. A lot of ex bethelites co's and sp got a job at them.

    The Drenth's went to Belgium to make money.


  • amicabl

    Isn't the Hilde Hemmes Corp something very similar? Perhaps only in Europe and Australia Pacific area.

  • fulltimestudent

    Ha! A blast from the past!

    I'v e forgotten the year, but we had an international convention in Sydney and Vogel was there. I know because that year i was given an assignment to look after transportation for international visitors, and late one night (we still had night sessions) and as I was about to go home, this guy with a German accent turns up and wanted transport to his hotel. The organised buses had already left, so I had to take him to his hotel myself, before driving a long way in the opposite direction. Then the following sunday I had to give a PT at Engadine Cong. in the south of Sydney, and Bro Vogel turns up again. Why? Well because he thought Engadine in Sydney may be like the Engadine Valley in Switzerland. I doubt he saw a resemblance.

    So that was my brush with fame!

    Vogel, I believe, had been disfellowshipped at one stage, perhaps over a dispute about 'soul.' But at the time I met him, he was in good standing, and had produced a booklet for the Society on the use of Naturopathy, in the care of tropical diseases, for the WTS missionary field.

    At somewhere around that time I also met a brother and his wife from Tahiti, Vogel had stayed with them for some 6 weeks. They were impressed, as he could talk for hours about the plants on the Island.

    And, some of the brothers here in Australia were involved with him in the baking and sale of Vogel's bread in Australia. Some of the Bioforce (tradename) "medicines" can be found in certain pharmacies and healthfood shops here in Sydney at least.

    I remember, near every German brother I ever met, knew about Vogel and possibly had his book, 'The Nature Doctor,' I think that Vogel could more accurately be described as a naturopath, rather than a homeopath. And, to the extent (as is being evidenced in medical science) that a plant based diet is good for us, then Vogel's thoughts may be helpful.

    I think that in Europe generally, Homeopathy is still held in quite high regard. There used to be a number of hospitals in England (and one here in Sydney too) that included the word Homeopathic in their names.

    We can see an historical development in the history of medicine and homeopathy. At the time Hahnemann developed his ideas, ordinary medical help was useless. One could argue that then, homeopathy was something of an advancement. The idea of testing the results of a certain therapeutic substance was a good one, but research never stands still, and many of the complaints about alternative medicine are likely well founded

  • TheWonderofYou

    Alfred Vogel was a well-known conman, he claimed blood transfusions would change someone's personality, he claimed to have studied Native American herbal healing methods...

    He certainly referred to the same middleage scientist who is the basis of JW-faith about personality change. I forgot his name...?

    However todays alternative medicine proclaims also the SERIOUS danger of a personality change; _References also to Aryeh Shander and Meybohm and Zacharovski......like a JW propaganda + alternative medicine.


    DAHER BLUTTRANSFUSION NEIN DANKE!! Mir war das mit der Bluttransfusion schon immer klar, man übernimmt ja auch damit ein absolut fremdes Immunsystem mit allen seinen Erfahrungen von Baby an. Mit einem oder mehreren fremden Immunsystemen im Körper kommt es zu einem Durcheinander im Körper. Krebs entsteht dadurch natürlich sehr viel schneller, denn ein gutes Immunsystem schützt u.a. auch vor Krebs. Laut einem Heilpraktiker kann einem bei Krankheiten dann laut seiner Erfahrung auch angeblich die Clark-Medizin nicht mehr helfen, weil das fremde Immunsystem die Heilung blockiert Ich kenne aber auch persönlich Menschen die eine Transfusion erhalten haben und plötzlich gravierende Persönlichkeitsveränderungen aufwiesen! Ist dies möglich? Transportiert Blut, dieser besondere Saft, am Ende auch noch Emotionen, Gefühle und Erfahrungen die man im Leben gemacht hat? Welch Perversion wären dann Bluttransfusionen in Wirklichkeit? Die Ärzte sehen diesen Fehler zum Glück endlich nach und nach ein. Vor allem sollte man bedenkten dass wenn schon Stuhltransplantationen von Übergewichtigen bei bisher schlanken Menschen Übergewicht auslöst, was passiert dann erst wenn Blut transfundiert wird? Blut ist viel komplexer aufgebaut als Stuhl!

    Therefore transfusion - no thanks!!!!
    I was always clear with the blood transfusion, one accepts so synonymous with an absolutely strange immune system with all his experiences of baby. With one or more foreign immune systems in the body, the body is mixed. Cancer is naturally much more rapid, because a good immune system protects u.a. Also against cancer. According to a medical practitioner, according to his experience, Clark can not help any more because the foreign immune system blocks the healing. But I also personally know people who have received a transfusion and suddenly showed serious personality changes! Is this possible? Does blood, this particular juice, in the end also emotions, feelings and experiences that one has made in life? What perversion would be blood transfusions in reality? The doctors are fortunate to see this mistake. Above all, it should be considered that even if chair transplants of overweight people in previously slim people overweight triggers, what happens only when blood transfundiert? Blood is much more complex

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Yes we had this scam decades ago, my mother bought the books and the potions and was into homeopathy, I think she realises now the scam that it is.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    My aunt is into homeopathy which surprised me, since I've always taken her to be fairly intelligent. How anyone who actually understands the principle behind homeopathy (the lesser the dose, the greater the effect) could believe that it works is beyond me!

    But maybe I should try it. Something that counter-intuitive must be true. No one could invent homeopathy anymore than someone could invent particle-wave duality or quantum tunneling. Nonsense like that has to be discovered! Genuine pseudo-science always sounds superficially plausible; only the truth can defy common sense.


    I once bought the Book he wrote - full of obscure references to the bible and the spiritual - including his claim to be of the anointed.

    He espoused a lot of quackery and of course had a ready market in the Dubbery ~

    His products were huge in my country - still are.

    Thanks for the reminders FTS ! Bioforce is the trade name in South Africa too.

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