Governing Body Letter details things that "have never been done before." - Really?

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  • dbq407
    I find it hard to believe they would remove their tattoos just from reading on the jw website. Probably a made up experience.
  • Vidiot

    “The videos made the Truth and the Kingdom more real to me.”

    They'd have to...

    ...reality certainly doesn't do the job. :smirk:

  • punkofnice
    Vid -
    “The videos made the Truth and the Kingdom more real to me.”
    They'd have to...
    ...reality certainly doesn't do the job. :smirk:

    Agreed. These (made up), people would believe in Mickey Mouse if they watched TV.

  • neverendingjourney

    There was an elder at my old hall who had a crude, probably homemade, tattoo on his hand. He never had it removed.

    I wonder how he feels after reading this fine example in the yearbook. Why did he never feel the same urgency to get it removed?

  • pixel

    The Witnesses learned that as a result of visiting the website, the family had made many changes. They had removed their tattoos and body piercings, discarded their religious images, discontinued celebrating worldly holidays, and stopped viewing inappropriate movies

    We have found Andre's Family!

  • WingCommander

    I like my ink. Got it at 20 & 26. I also regularly eat shellfish. I earned my red wings, and I didn't even have to consider myself unclean for 30 days after sacrificing some doves at the alter.

    I might do any of these things again without guilt, seeing as how we're no longer under Mosaic Law.

    F' this CULT.

  • OneFingerSalute

    They had removed their tattoos. . .

    Really? From what little I know about tattoo removal it isn't particularly easy to do, let alone by oneself, and involves some measure of discomfort. Maybe the gibbering body thinks all tattoos are like the temporary ones children wear?

  • neverendingjourney

    This also reminds me of how I used to brag about the most trivial JW-related things.

    They were building a Pentecostal church down the road from the kingdom hall. It took them a few months, but once built it became very popular in the area. A guy I'd gone to high school with was a member and became deeply religious.

    One Sunday after the meeting I saw him and a group of his church buddies at a table in the same restaurant. I went up and said hi and mentioned that I'd seen how they had finally finished constructing the church.

    "We just built a new kingdom hall, too. And it only took us FOUR DAYS!"

    "That's nice. We're really happy with our new church. It's new, too."

    "Yeah, but did you guys build it in four days?"

    ", it took us a few months. I'm really happy for you guys. God bless."

    I walked away with a smug look on my face as if cheap craftsmanship on a box building was somehow a sign of God's approval.

  • nicolaou
    Our official website,, has been used in a wonderful way. The site is now available in over 600 languages, and publications can be read and downloaded in over 750 languages.

    Wow! That is impressive! Seriously, I can't think of any other organisation with the ability to spread disinformation and family discord in so many languages.

    Bravo Watchtower, well done.

  • OneEyedJoe
    The tattoo thing stood out to me too. Tattoo removal is still a relatively new process (when compared to the JW ban on tattoos) so I wonder if they're gearing up to make it mandatory in order to have privileges. Maybe something like shaving where the elders have the leeway to exempt people from the requirement in certain cases (health concerns, can't afford it, tattoos over entire body and only visible ones removed, etc) but by default the expectation would be to get them removed. I think this would actually be a good move for the cult. Requiring more investment from converts would make the cognitive dissonance more insurmountable should they come to have doubts in the future. It could also help shed some of the dead weight by getting rid of those that aren't sufficiently invested (and probably don't donate) so that congregations can be consolidated and liquidated more organically.

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