What does the society fill about psychiatrist?.

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  • new boy
    new boy

    Please help

    More research for my book

  • zeb

    The wts has a long record of telling the faithful to avoid the mental health professions. Sorry I cant go to links but many here will be able to.

    It was a few generations back they were telling people not to be immunised!

  • scratchme1010
    More research for my book

    I'm not sure if the accounts of people alone can help your research. Something that may help is looking for references to depression and the most common mental health problems in their literature. At best you will find some phony statistics, maybe some stupid story about somebody who was depressed and not it's not because of finding their so-called truth.

    That can give you a feel of what their position is regarding seeking help from a mental health professional.

    Other than that, maybe people with specific experiences.

  • smiddy3

    In a nutshell the Society frowned upon psychiatry ,psychology, and anything related to those sciences and told their members to put their faith in the Bible message ,that was the answer to all mankinds problems.

    Not these new fangled ideas of Satans origin.

    That`s the gist of their reasoning.

  • Fisherman

    What everyone needs to consider before going to a shrink is that you then have a psychiatrist record. Like a conviction or some other record that sheds a bad light on you, a psychiatric record is not good.

  • punkofnice

    Hello Noobie,

    They probably fill their pants (that's the UK meaning of pants), if you mention 'worldly(tm)' professionals.

    Here in the UK we can't afford such professional help. We go to the Doctor and s/he will give is Citalopram to zonk us out.

    There are plenty of JW's on meds here. All as depressed as arseholes!

  • new boy
    new boy

    Any exact quotes from the society?

  • snugglebunny

    There was a 50's mag headline "Should a christian visit a psychiatrist?". The article basically warned against it claiming that the psychiatrist might try to convince the patient that the problem was his religion. I remember it well as I was a young teenager in the throes of depression at the time and wondering how the hell I could carry on as I was such a worm in Jehovah's eyes.

  • darkspilver

    new boy: Any exact quotes from the society?

    Look it up in the WT Indexes

    Even just look it up on this website




    Shepherd the Flock of God, page 55

    There are times when an emotionally distressed Christian may seek professional help. Whether a Christian or his family pursues treatment from psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists is a personal decision. An elder should not assume the responsibility of recommending a specific practitioner or facility. He may draw attention to or discuss material in the publications that provides cautions regarding therapies that may conflict with Bible principles. (w88 10/15 pp.28-29; w82 6/15 pp.25-29; w75 pp.255-256) While participating in group therapy by a professional therapist is a matter for personal decision, there could be a revealing of confidential facts about other members of the Christian congregation during such sessions if a Christian does not exercise discretion.
  • sir82

    Don't mean to sound snarky, but maybe "research for a book" involves a little more effort than asking strangers on a website to look up information for you.

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