Australian Bethel propose building a media complex

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  • LV101

    Maybe they're enticing the younger genre to stick around -- the GB Goon squad is going to put them in the movies - make a big star out of them (like Buck Owens' song). Yep, another con job to squeeze shekels out of the minions for property development. Not only are they land developers but producers of more than magic/promises.

  • Vidiot

    I'd have thought they'd wanna keep a lower profile Down Under after the 2015 Royal Commission.

    It's like they're trying to poke "Satan's World" in the eye.

  • jonahstourguide


    They are encouraging the 'younger genre' to stick around.

    Here in Melbourne they have been running video auditions to put into the 'availability' database for possible use in video presentations produced here in Australia at the new you beaut complex.

    Should see the up and coming piousneers and rank and file asslickers lining up to curry favour. It's sickening to hear about.

    Nepotism is rampant from what i'm hearing......

    Circuit overseers and ladder climbing piousneer elders that have neglected or dumped parents in nursing homes leading the charge.



  • careful

    Listener, thx for the post and link.

    I remember SBF saying a few years back that the org seems to be concentrating on making a few Bethels in the world key ones (like the one in Selters). So the Aussie branch is clearly one of them if it rates its own media production center. The "replica of an historical Biblical site" is an interesting twist. As some have commented here and on the reddit post, perhaps they are indeed launching into tourism of a sort. I suspect too that they may feel a bit intimidated by Hobby Lobby's Steve Geen and his massive Museum of the Bible in Washington DC, so they want to imitate that in very minor ways like Mark Sanderson's "museum" in Warwick and now this "replica" in Sydney.

    Maybe they view this as a way to keep the money flowing in from faithful Witnesses who will visit and contribute. Finally, do we see the heavy hand of Geoffrey Jackson here?

  • sir82
    If the Society really believed Armageddon was imminent they would be bunkering down
    ( no pun intended ) and simplifying things , just as they are always telling the rank & file to do.

    They've said more than once in their broadcasts that they expect all their buildings to "survive Armageddon".

  • Listener

    I would think that the JWs who were kicked out of Bethel will feel even worse with all this exciting activity about to start.

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