Australian Bethel propose building a media complex

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  • Listener

    There's a post on exJW Reddit stating that the IBSA are planning on building a media operation at the Sydney Bethel.

    The estimated cost is $10 million AUD and this in spite of the fact that they still have not joined the Redress Scheme or attempted in any monetary way of assisting abused victims within the organization.

    The link below includes detailed plans. They will be converting part of the current printery into a media complex.

    They also propose to build a theme park in the form of a historical biblical site, including a man made mound and what one person suggests is a temple.

    Its not surprising that a bunch of old men in New York has dreamed all of this up - film sets in New York, England and now Australia. They are bonkers but it's a novel way of getting money from their followers.

  • wozza

    I wonder if they will do what they did years ago ,they manually, with brick saws cut the faces off their pallets of bricks and stuck them to the walls. All that slave labour they used to do that joyless noisy job.

    One of my former employees told me he was there for nearly two years doing that sort of crap for an unthankful and oblivious governing body ,what a bunch of monkeys!

    Hey here's an idea ,they could cut different coloured bricks and make a mosaic of the governing body as monkeys humping each other in a line with the background music being a lovely clap-along kingdom song!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Are they really interested in making films for the faithful or just developing studio complexes for resale? You would have thought that one central location was sufficient. Or do they actually imagine that the product will be so good that lots of people will be clamouring to see it?

  • wozza

    Does sound like a real estate deal in the end unless they have a new "overlapping generation" in the wings ready to take on Movie World

  • Chook

    What could one really expect from a org ran by window cleaners and painters and base their church on a bunch of fishermen.

  • WTWizard

    Great, just what we needed. Another distraction to siphon spiritual energy away from the people and into joke-hova's grand plan to enslave and ruin the whole earth, so its seraphim (the reptilians) can move in and evict the whole human race. (And trash the whole environment while they are at it.) Just as I was against 90 Sands Street as a distraction, I am against this complete waste of resources.

    Not to mention the real environmental impact. Yes, it wastes resources and pollutes for no good results. But, the biggest impact is it helps the reptilians to move in, ruining the whole earth and giving us more than 60 degrees (C) of global warming. This is far worse than what the whole world is capable of doing. I will add that all these church projects in every xian or islam religion does exactly the same thing. But, the bigger a deal they make about this, the worse it is going to be.

    Maybe, if the dollar they use becomes toilet paper before they can get this abomination started, we can save our environment. (For us, not for the reptilians.) Yes, it means hardship for those not prepared. But, the hardship of needing gold and silver to buy anything is better than the far worse hardship of being property of god's "chosen" and being used to build reptilian paradise. (And "reptilians" does not mean snakes, turtles, lizards, or alligators. It means joke-hova's highest ranking angels.) Think: Soviet Union at its worst, or North Korea.


    Are they hiring Ken Ham to help with the theme park?


  • smiddy3

    Obviousl;y the G.B. do not believe Armageddon is just around the corner or coming anytime soon.

    And yes as has been pointed out ,they have not joined the redress scheme to compensate Child Sexual Abuse Victims ,yet they have 10 million $$$$ to spend in such a hair brained scheme as this .

    They truly are delusional and away with the fairies.

    I hope the Govt. of Australia are well aware of where the G.B.of Jehovah`s witnesses have their priorities and its not with the victims of Child sexual Abuse.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy
    Oil-rich middle eastern countries are starting to focus on tourism. The Borg is doing the same!
  • dozy

    If the Society really believed Armageddon was imminent they would be bunkering down ( no pun intended ) and simplifying things , just as they are always telling the rank & file to do.

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