Craziest meeting in last 10 years let's compare

by Chook 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Finkelstein

    OK just to help you out and everyone else reading your posts, don't place a period without spacing into the following word, when you do that you occur a URL link.

    we have a Korah influence in cong

    Would you like to elaborate upon that so the readers can understand what your talking about ? .

  • Daniel1555

    It's weird... but I think your story and writing style are quite funny....

  • steve2

    Thanks for your follow up to some of our comments, Chook. When did this happen and is this the latest that you're aware of?

  • Finkelstein

    Or is this a JWS attempt to flame the site or Punked as the saying goes ?

    Its happened before

  • millie210

    Hi Chook,

    Great story and welcome!

    You were smart to bounce over to the next congregation. I have seen people do that here and it is a good preemptive move in a lot of cases.

  • Chook

    Finkelstein thanks for helping me with my writing skill,I'm genuinely no fraud.My real ID is actually Chook that was my childhood teachers called me chook ,when I first went to hall Jw girls from school called me chook.

  • Finkelstein

    What kind of computer are you writing/typing on ?

    Your still not spacing after a period which is creating URL Links such as

    If you want to encourage people to read your posts and comments, your going to have to sharpen up your typing skills.

  • Chook


  • Finkelstein

    You can still space or even double space if your have to .

    I use and own an IPad

  • sparrowdown

    Welcome Chooky, it feels good to unload doesn't it, albeit slightly incoherently, that WT poison is better out than in.

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