February 26, 2017 TO ALL BODIES OF ELDERS Re: Witnessing in Public Places

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  • DesirousOfChange

    I will say, however, that any court would recognize that the cart or table is a set-up prescribed by their mother corporation and that members, whether on their own personal ministry or not, are required to get out there and do this by their mother corporation. ~OTWO

    Wat corp provides the equipment, the tracts, picks the locations, approves who can do it, gets the money, publisher assumes all responsibility. Never, never would hold up in court. All the wat lawyers must have slipped on the ice and hit their heads ~ pontoon

    WTS thought they had all of "their ducks in a row" anytime they might be sued on the abuse issues too. Congs were supposed to be autonomous, etc etc.

    They didn't even fool the common layman on the juries, let alone the attorneys. The same BS was attempted when some young Bethelite MS was hauling around an elderly sister in the Cong (as his MS assignment) and he was at fault in an accident where she was killed. Non-witness family sued the WTS/Cong. WTS claimed no involvement and tried to put it all on the Bethelite alone, but finally offered an out-of-court settlement. They didn't want to set precedent on anything like that!

  • ttdtt
    It is exciting to see how Jehovah has blessed the public witnessing work in recent years!
    Literature display carts, stands, tables, and kiosks are being used extensively in our global
    preaching effort. Over 250,000 literature display carts have been shipped all over the world,
    helping to reach many people.

    Ok and that has translated into how many baptized? Oh maybe you are excited about the extra money coming in from the congregations to get the Tart Carts from you? Cuz you mention NO evidence of them working at all.

    WTF! Where were these Carts when I was Pioneering at the 90 hr a month rate!! SO JIPPED!

    8. Determining Who May Participate:

    Yes standing quietly while everyone pass you buy requires Careful Screening and years of experience. This is not a job for just anyone! The standards are high!

  • OrphanCrow

    I checked the regulations for street vendors in my city. All street vendors, including those for only literature distribution, requires the operator to carry $2 million in liability insurance.

    No wonder I have yet to see one here

  • pontoon

    I can remember talks about "handling the Word aright." and it had to do with how we physically handled the bible, it was important to let people see how well we knew scripture and quickly be able to find verse we were looking for, even allowing people to see how marked up our bibles were but not ragged and falling apart. Yea, they talked about that in talks, service meeting parts. Is that now a thing of the past? Carts and tablets are in, bibles out???

  • ttdtt

    Hmm this came to mind the night they announced it.

    17 We are, for we are not peddlers of* the word of God+ as many men are, but we speak in all sincerity as sent from God, yes, in the sight of God and in company with Christ.

  • careful

    Thanks for the links. There's a lot to digest here. Clearly they are afraid of legal threats. Also notable is the fact that they are apparently recognizing the "silent" feature of those manning the carts/booths is not working. Now they are saying to initiate conversation if someone approaches, smile, and make eye contact. That's a real change.

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