Noah a Preacher of Righteousness?

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    ''Stop laughing all you frickin morons.I will have to do some further research on how I will get some koalas from Australia and some penguins from Antarctica all on board.''

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    whats funny is the women in that story still carried the genes of the "giants" haha so post flood mankind was no different

  • schnell

    Ziusudra was a preacher of righteousness? I'm afraid we don't have enough information about him to make that call. Utnapishtim was arguably a better preacher than Noah, if only because he convinced all of his kin to come on the ship, not just 7 other people in his immediate family.

  • AmIright
    ones self and his family is enough to repopulate earth without genetic defects caused by incestuous relationship between kin? right? RIGHT? XD
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    Cold Steel
    Spoletta » So, should I just assume that God decided not to give anyone else a chance for redemption? It seems kind of unfair, when you consider the amount of time it took to build the Ark. Shouldn't Noah be held somewhat responsible for not making more of an effort?

    What makes you think Noah didn't make the effort? It took him forty years to build the Arc, but by the time he finished, the people were so wicked they were beyond redemption. The JWs see anyone who doesn't submit to its spiritual demands as being wicked and deserving of death. But the people in Noah's day were so degenerate that they were well beyond redemption.

    Still, the Lord began preaching in the days of Enoch and continued until Noah. Lamech, Methuselah and others joined in the preaching. “Stand forth and proclaim to the sons of men all the words that I spoke to you in those days, peradventure they may turn from the their evil ways, and I will then repent of evil [I will bring upon them] and will not bring it. ... But the sons of men would not hearken, neither would they incline their ears to all their declarations." (Book of Jasher 5:2-24)

    I just say this because many of the comments today tried to tie in the Door to Door ministry with Noah's example and I just couldn't see it.

    The Lord will never destroy a people unless he first warns them through prophets. Again, God is just, and the evils of the people of Noah's time were not trivial. (Think Pizzagate evil, not I-don't-want-your-Watchtower evil.)

  • schnell
  • schnell
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    It took him forty years to build the Arc, but by the time he finished, the people were so wicked they were beyond redemption.

    Nice but as I said earlier:

    So there was only going to be food for the the animals and 'you' which, from V.18, means Noah and his family. No consideration was made for extra food for any who might repent.

    There was never any hope for pre-flood mankind. It was a forgone conclusion that God would wipe them all out. Noah's preaching wasn't of hope - it was a judgment message.

    No provision for food - meant they were always doomed.

    Lovely God you worship. Getting someone to preach for no reason.

  • nowwhat?

    If you believe the account, humanity was being contaminated with nephelim DNA. So God had to start over with mankind. Which begs the question why did God allow the angels to materialize to begin with? Did he not foresee the disasterous consequences?

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