Cape Town JW's and Ex JW's

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  • Darkshadow2020

    @ Smiddy3

    Thanks for the Welcome smiddy3.

    Hope everything is going well over there in Australia and hoping the storm isn't affecting you guys.

    The water crisis has passed. It is actually storming on and off again here so it shouldn't be a problem for the foreseeable future.

  • greenhornet

    Dark, "Things " are good however we are going through the covid pandemic now and we are now at the beginning of resisting the state orders of staying home

  • LV101

    Welcome, Darkshadow - I have a family member from Cape Town (he's older) and the Cape Towners seem to flock to San Diego, CA, in the US, because of the beautiful weather and ocean. He was an Olympic swimmer when he was on scholarship at SMU, TX. Amazing guy - still swims daily in the ocean and in great health.

    I've heard how beautiful and majestic Cape Town is for years. Love Paul Simon's #1 album he recorded with the South African musicians. I missed the last trip to Johannesburg/Cape Town, unfortunately - maybe, someday!

  • Listener

    The JWs I have spoken to here in Australia about the ARC are not phased about it and all. They don't see it as a problem. One Elder even felt that there was probably a lot of lies being made by so called victims. They feel that their handling of situations has been fine.

  • Darkshadow2020


    The same thing is happening here. Many people haven't taking it so seriously and have disobeyed the restrictions. Some even think the whole thing is a government plot.

  • Darkshadow2020

    Hi LV101.

    Thanks for the welcome.

    I imagine that San Diego is pretty much similar to Cape Town in terms of weather and beauty.

    Cape Town is beautiful, but I think it is because of table mountain. I can't imagine life without that sight being in my life. When truly awe inspiring thing about Cape Town is when one sees the thick, heavy clouds traveling around the top of the mountain. It is really ethereal.

    Funnily enough I have only been to JHB once because I don't have the desire to leave Cape Town.

  • Darkshadow2020


    It is really sad that generally JW's are so blind that they assume that people are lying about their group. I don't know how they can think that their handling of the situation was fine when one can just think of the consequences of using the 2 witness rule to determine whether a child is molested or not. I find a big problem with JW's is that they don't logically follow through on what they say and what they believe and the possible conclusions of certain actions.

    It seems more like they do not want to think about about it as they mentally shun thoughts that make them think about the group in a negative way.

  • LV101

    Hi Darkshadow - hope to visit Cape Town someday. Actually, couple of Cape Town natives left San Diego to move back there.

    Yes, the San Diego climate is amazing. There's nothing like walking out of the San Diego airport and breathing the so cal ocean air - same around ocean in Orange County. If so cal didn't have the ocean I'd never return to Cali other than to central cal for required matters.

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