"You should worry when we stop knocking."

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  • Zoos

    Lots of great comebacks. Thanks, all.

    That 's hilarious, sparrowdown: "Why, because you will be banned." Oo snap!
  • jwundubbed

    The bunker video!!!!

    Who hides in a bunker but doesn't lock the door?

    Who thinks that a simple 1, 2, 3 knocking code will save you?

    Who puts a ladder in a basement bunker when the stairs are right outside the door and the ladder couldn't possibly lead anywhere? I mean, what was it supposed to be for???

    If you are hiding in a bunker and expecting the end of the world... why would you be relying on tap water? I can only assume that when that person left the room to get water they went to a bathroom or kitchen... otherwise, why not keep the BOTTLED water in the same room with you? They all huddled together like that was the only room... then suddenly there was another room??? What?

    So much about that video made no sense. Like why the LAPD were all wearing different shoes, not the combat boots those squads usually wear. I hope they make a full movie. I love disaster comedies.

    Oh, but back to the subject... a comeback...

    "Are you kidding? Who would want to live forever with a jerk like you? I'd rather meet Satan in Sheol and live happily never after." (I probably got that last name wrong. It's been too long. I can't remember!)

  • Vidiot
    "Duh, they have already stopped. They just 'screw the pooch' sitting next to their literature carts."

    Very worrisome.

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