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  • smiddy3

    There maybe about half a dozen (6) friends here that I exchanged cards with in the past that I don`t have a postal address that I can send a card to this year ,which I would like to do .

    If you would like to receive a card from me just pm me your address and it will be done.

    So far I only have eight (8) to send .

    Anybody is welcome to receive one if they send me their mailing details.

    Cheers, smiddy3

    After all it is the season to be jolly .

    Sheesh Gary, it shows by your photos, just how popular you are ,i`m envious.

  • smiddy3

    Hi Gary , you say your wife was DF 3 years ago and has not returned to the religion ? Would she appreciate a card ? If so I will send her one,providing it doesn`t cause any problems . OK ?

  • garyneal


    I was thinking that she would as she has been really celebrating the holidays lately.

    I'm sorry I have not been on here the past few days.

    As far as my photos go, those are stock photos I found on the Internet. I'm not that popular :).

    I was merely trying to replicate what Blondie did 10 years ago but it looks like it did not work out.

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