New York’s Attorney General Plans On Removing The NRA!!!

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  • minimus

    The AG says they are a fraudulent organization.

    This will get interesting.

    These liberal AG’s throughout the country have become very powerful advocates for their agenda.

  • minimus

    The National Rifle Association is countersuing New York.

  • LV101

    Has anyone seen a video of Fifth Avenue, New York City - check out on Twitter. It's unimaginable and anything but peaceful protest horror. Might be under [email protected]

  • minimus

    Don’t say that you’ll get people here saying they live in New York City and never heard of such a thing. They will be offended. LOL

  • LV101

    It certainly looks better now compared to the "peaceful protesting" and window smashing, fires, and everyone running out with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, (oh, my heart!) Ferragamo, Gucci, cheap old USA made Coach, and all the other designer items wrapped up/down their arms, necks. In Santa Monica (lololol - it's not funny) but my friend told me (and it was on TV!) the thugs/BLM/Antifa, (umm, sorry, "peaceful protestors"), running out of stores with designer bags wrapped on arms throwing in luxury and not-so-luxury cars and another car driving up behind waiting for the next group of looters to run out w/designer goodies. Oh my! She said some would drive away, drop their stash off and return for more. Some very organized looters, a/k/a "peaceful protestors!"

    Oh - to be a "peaceful protestor!"

    Hope the NRA isn't nixed - I get it - we're only allowed Antifa, BLM, criminals running the streets but the those are the good guys. Swear I'm joining the NRA just because - might join a church, also, just because - hope they have potlucks. Sick of these thugs. We can't protect ourselves any longer and must SUBMIT!

    LA, Ca is shutting off dissenters - China picks them up and hauls to camps but LA, Calif. cuts off their power and WATER - oh, and lock the people inside their dwellings - it's not TYRANNY so don't get the wrong impression and start getting ugly/OMG!
  • MeanMrMustard

    You don’t need guns in a civilized society! The police will take care of all your security needs.

    Also, the police are evil.

  • minimus

    Lv so well put!👍👍👍👍

  • TD

    I understand the alleged repudiation of fiduciary responsibility on the part of LaPierre and a few others. I don't understand why that would justify dissolving the entire organization

  • WingCommander

    Why is this subject even on here? I thought this was a JW discussion forum? This is an America-only subject, has nothing to do with the JW's, and just stirs up political BS on here.

    It's this type of political bickering that I've been seeing mentioned over on the Ex-JW Reddit forum for months, even years now. Are some of you TRYING to run this place into the ground, or scare off anyone not agreeing with your political viewpoints?

    FYI: You are literally scaring away prospective members or people that need legitimate help with JW and ex-JW related issues, by flooding this forum with these types of political posts.

  • tottenkopf

    I support the right of people to defend themselves. But the NRA has had a lot of internal issues in mismanaging funds over the years. If true the NRA paying for Wayne Ls niece to stay at the 4 seasons and to pay for the leadership to stay on a yacht in the carnelian is reason to not give to that particular gun group.

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