Update: Got my Judicial Committee cancelled

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  • Chook

    Sanchy, I'm happy for you but I suspect it will only be a postponement . Avoid the zealots at all cost.

  • SAHS
    Whether or not you go the route of “apologizing” and backpedalling (grovelling) is up to you, but, in any event, I would continue to post CoC, along with other such books which expose the WT organization, at least in a crafty, anonymous way – if not on FB, then at least you could post some such links on various general JW sites, or even post them on certain JW’s personal FB pages in a totally anonymous, untraceable manner (perhaps create a second FB account under a fictitious alias for that purpose, like people do on this site). It would be less risk, but it would still give you the satisfaction of contributing to exposing the WT organization for what it really is.
  • Sanchy

    DJS: thanks man, and you are right. It's only a matter of time now.

    Islandman, All or nothing: Yup. I turned in the book when I stepped down as elder, but I kept the digital copy in my tablet. When confronted about this during my meeting with them, I straight up told them the bible said nothing about "secret and confidential manuals". They just stayed quiet and proceeded to other subjects.

    Laverite: You are right. According to their legal ways, not every act needs to be "admonished once and twice". However, fortunately for me, when it comes to act of spreading "apostate views", the elder manual is specific about this procedure. In my original thread (link in my OP) I posted the section of the book that dealt with this matter.

    Zappa-Esque: Exactly ;)

    OneeyedJoe: LoL... I might just do this

    PaleEmperor: So true. I used their own legalistic ways against them. Hopefully others might benefit from my experience.

    Giordano: As stated, the elder manual is available online in various places. If you need help finding one, PM me.

    Stuckinarut2: Not a bad idea :)

    Sahs: I think about ways of doing this all the time. I already have an alias FB account and I love using it to troll on the JW groups comment sections.

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