The "abused" becomes the "abuser"

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  • flipper

    STUCKINARUT- You are spot on correct in every word in your opening thread. I totally agree. The emotional and mental abuse continues as these born in, raised in JW's get to adulthood and raise their own children in the same ultra strict shitty world view. I'm a beneficiary of my oldest daughter raising my grandchild in this twisted JW world view as my 3 year old grandson barely even knows me. So far , about the only time I've been allowed to see him has been JW funerals of relatives. Like that's conducive to any kind of NORMAL relationship ? So fucked up. It's like he probably associates me his grandfather- with death .

    I swear to god if I had the power to make it happen - this cult and it's destructive agenda's and ideas would vanish in a heartbeat. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Spiral

    @stuckinarut, you are absolutely right.

    Hubby and I have been faded for a long time, but being able to sit at the sidelines the last few years and watching what goes on..... I am just amazed at this pattern that I also see.

    The idea of a godly, religious life has gotten intertwined with crazy abuse that goes from generation to generation. If you're not an abuser, you are complicit in the cover up (often while being a victim with low self-esteem) if you stay with the bOrg.

    As Vidiot mentioned, I believe this dysfunction has spread to all areas, including sexual abuse. And covering up is seen as normal.

    Another area I've seen recently - financial abuse. The JWs take advantage of each other all the time financially - poor business deals, bosses paying employees poorly, JWs not paying their bills, JWs not even helping parents (financially and otherwise) when they need help.

    This abuse has become a way of life. Easily justified by crazy religious thinking.

  • VIII

    Very timely write up for what I am dealing with concerning my family; the JW family.

    There has been lots of emotional abuse between so many members, it's hard to straighten out without a flowchart of who abused who mentally and emotionally. Now, it's starting again. They are trying to pull me in and I've been out for decades! An Octopus that has never-ending tentacles.

  • zeb
    zeb have made the quote of the year. It is;

    But this patched up monster has taken off with a mind of it's own, crashing along with no one at the helm, but just replicating itself over and over. It cannot change it's essential nature without destroying itself.

  • stuckinarut2


    Brilliant comments! Thanks to everyone for sharing.

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