Remember when we lodged in private homes at conventions?

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  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    I bring this up now because I haven't seen any postings about that practice because I got out in 1977. When did WT quit soliciting private homes for accomodations? Or have they stopped?

    I hated it, but it was the only way we could afford to go. At New York in 1958 I was a 17 year old, lodging in some strange apartment while my parents were at a different home miles away. I can't remember the price but it was probably around $1 a night.

    Any experiences you'd like to share?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    My mother took all four of us girls to Pasadena from the Bay Area in an Impala. We stayed at a house. The people were really nice but I don't remember the details of their house so much.

    I do remember that it was so stinking hot, my older sister got a bloody nose that wouldn't stop and so we left early one day from the convention. She had her face over a cone of newspaper.

    What did we learn at the convention? Who knows.

  • blondie

    It was probably in a BOE letter. If someone has those downloaded, is it possible if it is in there?

    Shows form CO-5a-E Special Needs Room Request (12/14) December 2014 still being used.

    #28 under Assemblies


    Still in use per BOE letter in 2017. (see above website) Can't find on Google beyond that date.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    At one circuit assembly in Des Moines, it had to be January, 1960. After the sessions, we navigated to our private home, and settled in. There, after turning out the lights my wife and I began to have sex in the spare bedroom where a nice older man had accomodated us.

    The bed loudly crashed to the floor as the slats beneath the box springs had slipped out of place because of our vigorous activity.

    Talk about embarrassment! We hurriedly got our naked bodies out of bed, put things together again, and resumed what we had started. I believe we conceived our first child that night.

    Next morning at breakfast, the nice man never mentioned the loud crash.

  • blondie

    What was the WTS thinking trusting their members to some random worldly person, only inspecting supposedly the cleanliness of the home; not checking anything else that might be #1 on the list.

  • hoser

    I remember that. I think that arrangement ended in the early 80’s. It was about the same time we stopped going in field service at the district convention and a few years before you had to bring your own lunch.

    The society then figured out that if we all stayed in hotels that they approved of they could get kickbacks from the hotel companies in the form of loyalty points.
  • LongHairGal

    FAT FREEK 2005:

    That must have been back in the long-gone days when people were better behaved or at least not downright crazy like now.. Somebody would have to be nuts to have strangers stay in their home in this day and age.

    I remember a sister who made sure her address was not published in the phone book because she did not wany any JWs turning up on her doorstep.

  • just fine
    just fine
    I remember as a child staying at private homes for conventions one was a JW family in Canada (father, mother and young son) and the other was an older couple not JWs. It was a different time then......
  • greenhornet

    I remember going out in "field service" asking people at the doors if they have room for delegates. People back then said yes. That was different times 1958. I was only 7 so my memory was limited .

  • greenhornet

    My folks had a bath room installed in the basement so the 5 of us stayed there. we had a Danish man, a family from Louisiana and couple from South africa who was the branch overseer. We had a full house during the 1958 Yankee stadium. I think I still have the pictures from my parents. (now long gone). I'm not sure if I should burn the pictures or share them with who I don't know. We lived in Long Island just 30 mins away from the Yankee stadium and polo grounds

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