Evolution is a Fact #12 - Lenski's E. coli Experiment

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  • cofty
    Cofty doesn't shun people that have other beliefs.

    When it comes to football v rugby I have been known to shun a little bit.

  • konceptual99


    What Cofty is doing is providing some tasters to some of the major lines of evidence that support evolution.

    Many, many of those Witnesses who visit here will be just like I was a few years ago. I thought evolution was a crock of shite. As a reasonably intelligent, thinking person I assumed I had researched it and found it wanting. Of course I had done nothing of the sort.

    I personally took the step of reading some of the well known books on evolution like "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "Your Inner Fish". I read more from there and eventually became convinced that it was impossible to ignore the evidence.

    For many that step is still a step too far - it's almost as bad as apostasy. A post like this gives a nugget of information to someone and hopefully inspires them to go and do a bit more reading themselves. It makes people aware of something that perhaps they were not aware of.

    When I was waking up I would have liked nothing better than to have been able to access something that helped me keep my faith, resolve the theological and scientific inconsistencies. I never set out to wreck my faith. I just wanted answers. Posts like these should help people find the answers, or at least some reasonable debate. Rather than sneering at what Cofty is doing, come up with some credible alternative. Explain why this experiment means nothing, supports Creation or is otherwise wrong. That would be far more interesting.

  • sir82

    Like a moth to flame, Clambake follows Cofty around.

    His attacks are getting more condescending, Cofty must be striking a nerve.

    Keep it up!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I have a few people (very few) that I can debate with in the dub org. What I really look for is for someone to say "you are wrong SL and this is why". I ache for an intelligent debate. What do I get? No argument, no rebuttal, no evidence to the contrary.

    That is what is happening here Clambake, you offer nothing but hot air and personal insults. In all the 12 examples Cofty has offered you haven't put up one word of evidence or argument. It is interesting that unqualified people offer opinions and information to be analysed all the time. I hear it from the platform at the KH regularly.

    Don't slag Crofty off. Prove him wrong. Alternatively why not criticise the amateurs who expound unproved rubbish from the KH platform. We try to apply the same requirement for critical thinking and evidence to them both.

  • Clambake

    I am not here to argue for or against evolution. The purpose of this board to discuss the evils, dangers, getting support from leaving the WTS.

    Comfy is here proselytizing militant atheism and pretending it’s all in the guise of scientific enlightenment.

    He has the same rotten need to preach and convert people like he is still a dub. His threads are spam and quite annoying.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Comfy is here proselytizing militant atheism - not on these 'evolution is a fact' series he's not.

    He's only trying to present what he feels are interesting established scientific facts and theories.

  • cofty

    Clambake - I have answered your false accusation at least 5 times.

    One last time since your reading comprehension seems to be woeful

    Creationism is the fundamental doctrine of the Watchtower

    It can be proven to be false with tons of objective verifiable facts.

    I am presenting some of the highlights of those facts.

    What part of that don't you get?

    If somebody started a series of threads called "1914 is an Error #1..." with bite-sized facts that would be amazingly helpful too but it isn't my area of interest.

    Evolution does NOT belong to atheists. Millions of believers accept the fact of evolution.

    Why are you opposed to putting evidence out there in the public space? What does that remind me of?

  • Mephis
    His threads are spam and quite annoying.

    Then don't read them. :)

    I personally find them a nice 5 minute read, do some reading around based on what Cofty posts and then crack on with my life. Would have enjoyed these threads as a born-in being inside though, know that. Encouraging people to think for themselves, to go and chase down sources, even to get some education if they've been denied it (even if it's something like a free online course from a decent university on edX or coursera), that's a big thing for some of us leaving.

  • GoodGuyGreg

    I just wanted to chime in and thank you for this series, Cofty. Always good with a refresher course.

    @Clambake: one of the things that makes the Society dangerous is their information control. Many of us who left were able to do so largely thanks to being confronted with facts that made this information control evident to us. To some of us, finally sitting down and taking the time to understand the biology we used to scoff at back in school was, if not the actual straw then at least an important one in the process. And while Cofty is doing an excellent job condensing hundreds of hours of research into bite-sized, verifiable chunks of free information that flies in the face of Watchtower dogma and can't be unseen by those who take the time to read his snippets, what are you doing? At least accept that people are different, and that what worked for you wouldn't necessarily have worked for everyone else, and vice versa.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    You are like the 20 year old who goes to the junior high football game in the park and pretends he is the coach. You know no one here has the education background to prove or disprove anything you post because no one here is an evolutionary biologist.

    If you were really sincere in your interest you won’t be here. You would be playing with the big boys. Either in a university level classroom or at the very least a message board where the primary interest was evolutionary biologist.

    That's a compliment to you cofty. You're doing such a good job explaining the scientific evidence in favor of evolution that Clambake thinks you belong with the "big boys" in university. He also thinks you're pretending to be a scientist. Your work has to be real good for him to be making those kinds of comparisons.

    You my friend are completely full of shit.

    Aren't we all full of shit, Clambake? If you're not also full of shit it's because you haven't eaten in days!

    ... and feeling morally superior to the rest of mankind.

    There, there, Clambake! I know you're jealous of cofty's knowledge of the subject and you feel inferior as a result. But that's no reason to project out your insecurities by accusing him of feeling morally superior. You're the one feeling inferior. Don't project your feelings by claiming he feels superior.

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