While the cult of JW asks kids for Ice Cream money......

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  • mickbobcat

    Other churches give kids Ice Cream.

  • FFGhost

    I'm sure it's probably harmless, and I see your point, but....

    A windowless van giving away free ice cream to kids? Sounds awfully sketchy.

    I'd probably call 911 if this truck showed up in my neighborhood.

  • mickbobcat

    The other side has a window for the giving of Ice Cream. I am in no way affiliated with this church. It just struck me as some give kids Ice cream the JW cult asks for their quarter for ice cream money.

  • BluesBrother

    I can see the irony of the situation.

    I am sure this church use it as bait to talk to the kids and their mothers , but I guess it works....

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Church after school dances, charity work. All partly done to attract members.

    Local KH has chains on the parking lot. Local church is a vaccination and food distribution lot. The bishops storehouse sent food away with the pioneers who called there😃

  • Biahi

    At my old church, we had a parishioner who had an ice cream shop. He brought over his van with ice cream to give out to the kids after Vacation Bible School. He and his wife moved away, I miss them.

  • smiddy3

    Not that I`m a believer anymore but at least I do recognize that other christian faiths do put their money where their mouth is and do charitable things ,and tangible things ,to help people and encourage them and are not afraid to spend money to do so.

    In my 32 years as an active JW ,I have never known the organization of JW`s to part with one cent to help or encourage even the most frail and vulnerable loyal R&F member .

    Fair enough their has been individuals in the congregations that have done so but never the organization of the WTB&TS / Jehovah`s Witnesses.

  • jhine

    road to nowhere

    mea culpa , mea culpa 😂

    I help to organise social and fund raising activities at my church. Things like Summer Fayres, Christmas Fayres , quizes etc. . Yes PART of the idea behind these events is to attract people who don't normally come to church .

    There is no preaching just a good time but of course it's nice for people who are not part of the congregation to come in meet us , feel relaxed in a church and see that we aren't ( very ) weird.

    We don't hide that and why should we ?

    Lots of local churches have become testing or vaccination centres and run food banks no strings attached. We feel that we should be part of the community.


  • punkofnice

    After I left the WBT$ slaveholdery, I went to the Baptist Church because I still believed in God. I did work for the local Soup kitchen and felt I was helping the local community.

    A Jobo told me that, 'those people don't need a soup kitchen, they need the Watchtower!'

    Oh how I felt sick to my guts at that remark.

    Anyway, that's the difference between the Watchtower cult and Christendom in the UK.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I am glad you stress that only OTHER religions do tangible things to help the poor and needy!.. You say in all the years you were active in the JWs you never heard of anybody who got help from the religion itself.. Me neither.

    I never heard of the JW religion itself giving anything and I hope all the people there are aware of this fact.. (I hope there are no JWs with delusions to the contrary.) ‘Help’ is only gotten by going around with an envelope to individuals there putting them on the spot asking them for money. Or maybe a generous elder reached into his pocket to help his favorite pioneer.

    I’m Glad I’m not in the religion anymore because they would be coming up to me asking for money for people who never wanted to work! 👎 As it is, they are asking for ice cream money.


    I’m glad for the existence of soup kitchens! I have heard of people who can only afford to eat once a day and/or have to cut pills in half because they are running out of meds. And this is in the good ole US of A.

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