An inguinal hernia.

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  • Fisherman
    There are a couple of schools of thought on this. Some doctors recommend postponing surgery others recommend laparascopic surgery, etc. How about local anesthesia, complications during and after surgery and other concerns. Any comments and suggestions on the treatments for this condition?
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, Fisherman:

    Between 12 and 15 years ago, I had both right and left hernia repairs. Absolutely necessary. A couple years ago, I began suffering extreme abdominal pain on the left side. It was diagnosed as nerve entrapment, i.e., a nerve had become entrapped in the mesh.

    I was told that if I couldn't live with the intermittent pain, I could have a redo. That, of itself, poses difficulties. There's always risk. The pain has become so rare now that I am just "living with it."

    Hope it goes well for the person in question. BTW, I'm sure there have been strides made in surgical procedure since my adventures (they were done a couple years apart).

    Best regards.


  • Fisherman
    CC thank you for kindly posting the info. Appreciated. How about the anesthesia. Is local less risky?
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're welcome, Fisherman.

    I am unable to answer that question other than what was done for me. Due to my then respiratory illness, they went for spinal rather than local anesthesia. I regretted that later because it messed up my plumbing for days afterwards. As I understood my situation, however, there was no choice in the matter.

    Sorry I'm not sufficiently schooled in this. It was so long ago. Now, I do research before I say "yes" to anything medical. That's another entire chapter of my life.

    Take care.


  • Lostandfound

    I had inguinal hernia op on R side 30 odd years ago. Then only general anaesthetic available. I also had severe plumbing problems post op and occasionally get a twinge at op site utmost severe. Doctor recommended the op as he knew that I had excellent employer private health insurance and I know know he would get commission for referring me to private hospital. I should have had a second opinion before op but did not think to question the professionals.

    Hope any treatment goes well and recommend the patient immediately after op starts a course of stool softener!

  • tiki
    Get it fixed.
  • punkofnice

    Hi, fisherman. I've had these repaired. the last time I had keyhole surgery which was a faster recovery. The previous times I had open wound surgery. One of which popped out again later.

    Mind you, I'm in the UK. I don't know where you are or how they do those things where you are....possibly different terminology.

  • Fisherman
    I really appreciate all the info. It is very helpful. Seems that the surgery is inevitable and there could be some repair issues after the surgery and the plumbing issues to be ready for. The possibility of repair later on and the nerve pain is something that concerns me. I also know little about the anesthesia. I do not like general. But thanks for kindly taking the time in sharing your experience with me. I am trying to make a decision and need the information. UK has cutting edge tech in medicine so if there are repair issue even there then I know it is something about this type of surgery. I need to look into how can this repair issue be minimizedd because the repair would be a bigger job and not something I want to deal with.
  • fulltimestudent

    Had a friend with the problem. It was repaired via keyhole surgery which is not as invasive as the old way. It was painful after the op, but he seems fine now.

  • Fisherman
    Anyone know whether a catheter inserted after the surgery?

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