Hidden Spaces

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  • stuckinarut2

    Yes! I couldnt believe my ears when the Annual Meeting had a specific point about "keeping our spiritual food safely hidden"

    How paranoid and manipulative! Fear mongering at its finest.

    I mean, IF the ALMIGHTY is taking care of his people, surely he can hide some books too - right??

  • pepperheart

    With all the cuts in a few years that is the only way they will have any magazines

  • ToesUp

    "I mean, IF the ALMIGHTY is taking care of his people, surely he can hide some books too - right??"

    Yeah, you would think. lol

    The Almighty is not even helping them out in the CSA court cases, selling off their KH's and he wasn't around for Russia. Looks like Jah took a permanent smoke break. lol

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Back in the 75 days, we were encouraged to hide literature (namely Watchtowers) inside plastic liquid detergent bottles and bury them in our gardens for use when the work was under ban (any day now) so that we would be able to get "spiritual sustenance" on a regular basis. The fear was that we'd give up our faith or forget our beliefs if we were put under persecution unless we had the literature there to remind up what we were supposed to think.

    At first glance, it seemed like it made sense but then one had to wonder what they were supposed to do if they were driven away from their home (as they said we would be) or if there was new light that came out after you buried your literature bottles. Would you still be let into the new system if you had held firm to the wrong version of the "Truth"?

    I wonder where all those bottles full of "old light" are these 44 years later ? I always expected to hear an experience at the assembly where someone dug up one of those old bottles and immediately contacted JW's for a bible study which of course was followed up with baptism of the individual and their entire family.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Best way to hide WT litteranure is to pile it on a cart and park it on a busy street corner.

    That's where it is now, being ignored as if it's invisible.

  • waton

    It is wt's attempt to inflate the value of the so perishable content. wt wants to keep that narrow focus chained to the talking snake, flood, walking on water, armageddon, stories.

    It is an idolatry to elevate the wt contents to a life-saving, worth- to -die -for status.

  • Gorbatchov

    Like I mentioned earlier there is a lot of expetation in jw.org at the moment.

    They think the big moment is there.


  • smiddy3

    I wonder what will be the first choice of publications to stash, the bible? I think not.

    Good point blondie, shouldn`t the only piece of literature they need, be the Bible ? Jehovah`s word is supposed to be infallible ,whereas the GB members have admitted they are not infallible they make mistakes and they are not inspired .

    So why the need to stash and hide their literature above the Bible ?

    Its statements like this OP that convinces me that the GB/WT know full well their is no GOD and they are religious charlatans exploiting the gullible for their own advantage.

  • zeb

    The wt should be charged for fear mongering..

    I knew an elder (some 30 years ago) who would say the same things about hiding wt publications. He would often come out with the tortures he knew (?) that the govt had in plan for us.

    Finally the other elders must have 'spoken' to him as he stopped this ghastly stuff.

  • smiddy3

    they were encouraged to start thinking of and preparing for persecution and hide literature.

    ??? What the frigging hell for ? What`s the literature going to do for them ?

    How about some literature moments from the past off the top of my head.

    Don`t get your child vaccinated

    Don`t have children in this system of things as they won`t even get to high school before the big A

    " Life everlasting In freedom Of The Son Of God" Six thousand years of human existence in 1975 and it would be appropriate for Christ Jesus to begin his 1000 year reign.

    This wicked system of things will end before the end of the 20th Century

    Faithful men of old will be resurrected in 1925 such as Abraham Issac and Jacob to be princes in all of the world after the big A

    The front page WT edition showing elderly people as the generation that would not pass away before the big A { sad to say they have all passed away }

    The generation that witnessed 1914 would not pass away before the end of the system took place ,the Bible gives a generation as no more than 50 years Matt.1 17 ,Luke 3:23-38, Matt.24:34

    Example :Abraham 2018 BC ---Jesus 2 BC = 2016 years , 42 generations = 48 years for 1 generation .

    That`s 3 witness rules from the Bible ,god`s word according to believers yet the GB/WT comes up with a ludicrous unscriptural overlapping generations excuse to cover up their failed prophecy .

    And the gulible have lapped it up.

    And their is heaps much more than what my failing memory can recall

    Looking at all of these past failures in literature provided by the obviously unfaithful and not so discreet slave class ,how can you trust anything they say ?

    So why hide literature that is new light today and old light tomorrow ?What benefit is that to you ?

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