What’s your favourite memory?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    It was a kiss. A long, deep, passionate kiss when I was young. Never had one like it since. Sure, some good ones, but nothing so epic. Right person, right place and the right lover. Youth.

  • moley

    One that sticks in my mind.

    Christmas eve 1998. Me and my friend rocked up at Mothecombe beach for a surf, the weather was lousy and the waves were messy but we decided to go in. After about an hour my mate said the waves were looking better in the river mouth. So as we paddled over the wind stopped, the sun came out and the waves turned to glass, absolutely perfect. We surfed till it got dark and our arms felt like jelly. We were even joined in the line up by an inquisitive seal which seemed to take an interest in my mate and scared the shit out of him lol. A prospective lousy surf turned into an epic session. Followed by a nice pint of Doom Bar at a pub on the way home. The mate I went with us no longer friends with me as he stayed in and I got dfd. Cest la vie.

  • Vidiot

    My first rock concert.

    18 years old.

    Honeymoon Suite.


    They played in my dinky little hometown hockey arena and had a sound system designed for a venue at least three times the size.

    I couldn’t stop grinning (nor did my hearing fully return) for a goddamned week.


  • peacefulpete

    Our first Christmas was pretty special. Remodeling our tiny cabin house we slept on the floor with insulation walls. A tiny electrified xmas tree was given to us from new friends. We plugged it in and felt at home.

  • waton

    My then 9 year old daughter and I walking under trees that were alive in Moses time., the majestic Sequoias in California.The future and the past alive. Me just a transient middleman.

    (whether "Moses" actually existed is immaterial, live was there, is here and thriving)

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