What’s your favourite memory?

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  • Theonlyoneleft

    Hi guys and girlies,

    Since I’ve joined a fortnight ago or so, I have reading all sort of posts, some recent and some really old! 🙂 I’m really enjoying all of your stories and contributions. So from me to you... thank you. 🙃

    Age (just a number!!) ranges from the younger to the more experienced in life... So keeping this in mind... what’s the most important memory that makes you smile?

    I’ll start it off.... for me.... best memories ever are the ones that takes me back to my 7 years old self. My dad used to tell me the best.... I mean just THE BEST goodnight stories.

    He would sit between my sister’s bed and mine belting out the stories of his background in Africa, filled with lions and snakes and all the locals ideas of life.

    Always understated, these I remember so well and have passed it on to my children that I hope one day will do the same too.

    So...What’s your story? What’s that memory that takes you back ?

    A smell, a brand, the taste of some lovely food?! ☺️

  • tiki

    Sweet memories...lions and snakes...! My best memories surround a beautiful museum like home and the woman who was a great grandmother to me, although not biologically related. We'd play scrabble, Chinese checkers....make cakes on Saturday mornings...popcorn for supper....and I got a bit of holiday festivities with her which was great being in a witness family. She greatly influenced my thinking and persona for which I am so very grateful.

  • Theonlyoneleft


    when you put it like that!... lions and snakes seem pretty scary hehehe.

    But my father was an amazing storyteller and an even better poet. Apart from those stories... there was his leather belt.

    I love your memories, sometimes those that are not ours are more OURS than the ones that actually are. Thank you for sharing ☺️☺️

  • LV101

    tiki- mine very similar to tiki's post - greatest Grandmother/Grandfather/Aunt - loved my Grandmother's cooking/baking - everything and spent 96% of my childhood there. She would win first prize at the Grange (farmer's country-club) and state fair on her chocolate fudge, cakes and sewing/needlework. Even had a swimming pool but I was taken to church regularly (and shopping every Saturday) with my Beloved Aunt but they had fun events for the kiddos - egg hunts and crafts, etc. They were my beloved family.

  • Tameria2001

    I don't know if this is my best memory, but it is my favorite. When my husband and I were married, I asked a certain elder if he would like to perform the marriage vows. I asked him because he was the main reason why I had met my husband to be. He agreed. But the problem he turned a simple wedding ceremony into a very long talk. Now before you say they all do that, yes, they do, but this elder went way longer than your average JW wedding talk by the one who performs it.

    For any who know me, always knows that I believe in the sweet art of revenge. One year and nine months later I was able to exact my revenge on that elder for being extremely long-winded when performing my wedding. After getting married I had moved to where my husband was living, and it came up that we were getting a new kingdom hall. I knew this brother was going to be there so I called him up and asked if he would like to stay at my home. I lived about five minutes away from the construction site. He accepted, and he brought his wife, who also happened to be a friend of mine. She wanted to catch up on old times, and also the "wonderful opportunity" of working on a building project.

    Now back to my wedding, the whole thing was recorded, so I asked the elder if he would like to watch my wedding video, and he accepted. After watching the whole video he turned to his wife and asked her if he is always that long-winded when giving his talks. She said, "Yes you do dear." Then she informed him that was why their children, they had 4, were always so fidgety. He ended up apologizing to his wife about that. I don't know if he changed the way he gave his talks after that, but to see him get a small taste of what he put others through was quite funny.

  • Giordano

    I have a number of stories and memories. This is one of my favorites.

    The congregation I joined at the age of 12 along with my mother was half black and half white. This was in the New York city area.

    It was the first time I interacted with Black folks. Contrary to what people thought........ the North was segregated by neighborhoods and schools.

    I liked all the friends in the congregation and I got along with everyone. I was the little runt who would look every one in the eye throw in a smile and remembered their names. At first they were a little confused because Blacks and Whites weren't that close in the Kingdom Halls or at assemblies. Everyone was polite but not overly friendly.

    I never got that division about race. However we are talking about the late 1950's.

    After a couple of years........ I was totally integrated in both segments of the congregation. I would go out in service with any and every group. I was invited to parties, pizza after the meeting. Whatever.

    When I was set to graduate from high school my mom asked me what kind of celebration did I want. I told her that I'd like to invite my JW friends maybe about sixty people.

    Now my Mom was reserved around the black friends..... she was old school Italian and was raised in an Italian neighborhood and she wasn't one to change.

    So the day arrived and so did our guests. Of course half were black.

    This was the first time any black folks were invited to our home. Mom put on a smile and surprised me and our guests when she greeted everyone by name.

    Anyway the party was my thank you to all of the good people, that in their different ways, helped me to grow up.

  • ToesUp

    The ONLY good thing that came out of being a JW, is meeting my best friend and spouse over 30 years ago. Great kids came from that too!!

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I would have to say, just being with my grandma. She was the nicest person in the world and had my sense of humor. She had gotten polio as a young adult and so had to use a crutch on one side to get around on. I helped in the garden and got to spend at least 2 weeks in the summer at her house. When I was older, she told me that one summer she had asked me to plant pole beans. So I wanted my grandma to have a lot because she liked them so much and planted too many in the row. She saw this and asked for me to take some out. "Oh no grandma, I can't" I said "They're alive!" So she didn't say anything and waited until I was taking a nap and took some out.

    I miss her so much.

  • LV101

    Giordano - love your interacting with Blacks in your hall. There were so few in hall we attended but good people - wanted their kids to have strong education and were strict parents (they were raised that way themselves before becoming JWs and parents were a mixed marriage). One of my best friends in junior high was a nice, beautiful, black, girl. So reserved and sweet - I loved her over all the caucasians and was so thrilled we'd be attending same high school. I think there were only a couple (if that) other black students and after couple days she transferred out. Lost contact with her - I've searched for her and gave up. What a place she holds in my heart - I might have to search again.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    About 11. Involves neighbor girl and a broken down car parked out back.

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