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  • StephaneLaliberte

    LetTheTruthBeKnown: Are you sure they are selling that Aylmer assembly hall? How have you come accross this information?

    Its a wierd feeling I have about this one... I participated in the construction of that hall and always liked it. Its a very nice complexe that they are letting go if that is indeed their choice. But who will buy it? Its essentially a big conference building. Who would use that?

  • LetTheTruthBeKnown

    LetTheTruthBeKnown: Are you sure they are selling that Aylmer assembly hall? How have you come accross this information?


    Sorry can't reveal my sources. I just know the right elders. Some talk too much.

    But it is pretty obvious anyways. I have been told that there is only one congregation left in the complex. I will be able to confirm this in the next couple of months when I go to my assembly.

    And it is just a very big conference centre. They were offered $25 million years ago. Not sure what they will get for it now.

    They will probably look for volunteers to spruce it up. This is your chance to help out again. LOL

  • castles_in_the_sky

    I used to live in Ottawa & attending a west-end Congregation for many years before moving to Toronto, and I knew a small handful of people in Meadowlands including one of the elders & his family, so I’m dying to know how that Congregation was a thorn in the Society’s side if you could elaborate on that please? LoL

  • smiddy3

    As most of these posts are over a year old I would like to hear an update regarding these posts ?

    Whats the situation like now in Canada ? Quebec for instance ? Was it the 60`s - 70`s when a lot was going on with the Govt. and JW`s then if I remember rightly.

  • waton
    they've been shrinking them in Niagara too. multiple congregations are now sharing the same hall and just having meetings on different days.
    road to nowhere+:

    now, in different ways, zooming . No more driving for the 90+ olds at night. and,

    how about the ZOO in zooming? bigger elder bodies, the few biggest bullies grinning, and more long faces among the many.

    May be in Ingleside (dairy country) the cream rises to the top, but it is the frothy stuff, organisation men somewhere else.

  • truthlover123

    This list is not just for 2019- it carries on to October 24, 2020 and since covid has kept halls closed, this could be the latest report - mine is on here but two others are not and as far as donations--- they are sending them in like crazy- I dont know what is happening in other areas and I dont know if they are lying when they read the reports to make it look good, but if numbers are correct, they are not losing on that end and yet the halls sit unsold. Maintenance only.

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