Why Faith is Self-Defeating

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  • jacobm


    Great! Just wondering!

  • Skedaddle

    Faith is the tool of all false religions that JUST wants FOLLOWERS.

    False religions use this tool by trying to block the path to God. One way is by putting themselves physically between followers and God (think GB, Pope, etc.) Another way is to ingrain a simplistic understanding of what God is, who God is (think the various versions of God or Gods as a seperate entity to us, jesus, satan, the holy spirit, animals, plants, planets, the universe... and a God who has the traits of man (Anthropomorphism).

    Faith has no place in the true belief in God. Why? Because true belief in god has moved from the place of faith, which is unstable, to KNOWING. This KNOWING is not a place that has a return to the place of faith. KNOWING is a place that starts from an undetermined point of connection (because the point is unique to the individual), to total absolution of absorption becoming at one.

    To be forced into proving that God exists to another person is not something that any one of us can do unless we ourselves are near to absolution or to put it another way, close to becoming at one with God. I say close to because if we were to be at one with God absolutely, we would no longer be visible to the naked eye of the human. Widely recognized true ''prophets'' (Jesus (Not the Christian version), Mohammed (Not the Muslim version), Moses (Not the Christian version) etc.) across the world and throughout history were on the path to absolution. It is the path of endless possibilities and rendered messages to us that were of the same sort. There was a need to write these messages down to provide just one chance of a gate to the way as it is already known that many would distort the words but this gate is only the shortcut, it is NOT the only way for the way that always exists and will always exist was born into us and that is the ability to ''read'' - this ''reading'' is not of written words, it's the other kind, interpret.

    Unless we are at total absolution or at one with God we cannot comprehend 100% what God is, for if we could we would be God but this is not a deterrent to try and do so but rather our mission to do so if one chooses to do so. We know that no two people are born exactly the same and our experience of life is different for every one of us. We live different varying experiences of love and evil and no two experiences are felt the same way by any one of us due to varying levels of understanding so how is it possible for one person to tell another person what God is? It is not our plight or it should not be our plight for it is not needed and if we were to do so, would be asking that person to have ''faith'' in us, the one telling. Our only plight should be to show you the way to ''read'' what God is or who God is for yourself (It's this place where GB, Pope etc insert themselves). It is up to the individual to connect. However, some have come to the ''level'' of understanding or interpretation that is close to absolute oneness, These ones were (incorrectly) called prophets but this word is incorrect for they were not sent (this is a false religion concept) they aspired and became. They were interpreters or relayers or another similar word. There is no need for another, unless the word from the last one is removed to just ONE person who does not tell another (This is a point for further discussion for anyone who believes that there is a force behind trying to make this happen) and there was no need for the first one until the capacity of understanding was enough (evolution). It can be understood therefore that Adam and Eve or the various notions that exist of them were the first with capacity (the capacity to name something else) and NOT the first as in created whole as a finished intelligent human capable of understanding or interpreting God.

    Therefore, we don't need faith to believe that God exists - there's simply no use for it. It is a man-made invention to corrupt. For if you have faith you have not come to KNOW God, you have only put faith into another's word of what he/they understand as God or what he/they want you to understand.

    Just FYI; I am not talking from the standpoint of any Religion (and certainly not my own). I don't assign myself a follower of any religion. They are only the ones who have the gate but can't find the gate... or who know of the gate but cover it. The path is beyond the gate. ''Read'' ''meditate'' ''pray'' ''be'' (the gates) but not through (something else or someone else), TO (directly)!

    (I have no spell/grammar checker on this foreign computer, please excuse any errors.)

  • Simon
    Faith is the tool of all false religions that JUST wants FOLLOWERS.
    False religions use this tool by ...

    You know the word "false" is superfluous - right? They are all false.

  • Skedaddle

    Thank you Simon for pointing that out. I believe all religions to be false, yes.

  • Vidiot

    Simon - "...I think the benefit that some people think they get from their religion is really a placebo effect. They believe their religion is of benefit and so it is of benefit to them. Perhaps deep down they realize this and it's why they object so vehemently to facts and evidence - it will destroy their faith and with it the mostly side-effect free drug that they enjoy."

    I'd never thought of it that way, but damn, does that ever make a lot of sense.

  • cofty

    So to sum up your post Skedaddle you seem to be saying that you have zero evidence for the existence of god but you really, really, really KNOW he is real - just because of some vague notion you call "absolution".

    It is intellectually dishonest and patronising to pretend you can bypass the process of evidence. When I was a christian I often came across people who would assert they KNEW god was real or that they had MET god.

    It is posturing. I didn't fall for it then or now.

  • Skedaddle

    Hiya cofty,

    Cofty, if you divide a number into zero, what is the result?

  • cofty
    if you divide a number into zero, what is the result? - Skedaddle

    I suspect you meant to say "divide a number by zero" but what does maths have to do with the subject of faith Skedaddle?

  • Harvard Illiterate 411
    Harvard Illiterate 411

    Cofty stop it with the logic and reasoning! Logic, reasoning, debate and facts are not allowed. We must obey. Jehovah is God because he says he is. Listen, OBEY and be blissed.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Your post reminds me of how the JW anointed know beyond doubt that they are anointed. They don't have any evidence for it. They certainly cannot prove it to anyone. But they know they are one with God...eh I mean anointed.

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