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  • LongHairGal


    Yes, they thought they would ‘punish’ me by not inviting me to these gatherings. They thought they would ‘isolate’ me. If this was supposed to ‘teach me a lesson’, it failed.🤣. I wasn’t raised a JW and wasn’t quitting my job for anybody.

    Getting back to the OP and the thread topic: men were also damaged by this anti-career, anti-planning pressure. As far as shunning me: I remember an incident with an extended family of an elder. I said nothing and carried on as usual. Shunning doesn’t work without an audience. By not ‘noticing’, I deprived them of their audience. It eventually stopped but I was past the point of caring..I was done with Witness games and charades.

    As far as any of the so-called ‘spiritual’ giants back in the day who never wanted to work, I’m glad I’m no longer in the religion to hear sob stories..Anybody coming up to me with an envelope a$king for money for these people would get a rude refusal and I have no desire to be unpleasant so it’s just as well I’m Out.

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