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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I just turned 62 and celebrated my first birthday at a local restaurant. Nothing exotic, just draft beer and a burger.

    I've been using my spare time to make my community a better place to visit. Our MainStreet org(I'm on the Board of Directors) did a "Touch a Truck event", to kick start our Farmers Market. We had 2 Police cruisers, Fire Ladder Truck, Garbage Truck, Ambulance and an Electric School Bus. It was very successful( I organized it), and it gave me a sense of accomplishment. It was satisfying to me to watch these kids' faces light up when they went inside of these vehicles and got to push buttons, blow the horn and such.

    Religious wise, the wife and I aren't doing anything religious. I still privately pray daily, asking for direction and guidance. I did go to a local community church, it was okay. But it is hard to look at the cross, listen to King James old English and such. I've looked at different religious serves on Facebook, but I'm just not feeling it.

    My biggest regret, that I never prepared for retirement because I really did believe we were in "The Last Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds". I'm working 3 jobs just to make ends meet, with no retirement in sight.

    Thank You Watchtower! It's your fault that I walked away after 40 years of dedicated service.

  • mickbobcat

    Personally I never bought into the line of BS that you don't need to prepare. I was saving money since I was 16yo. I worked for a JW when I was 18yo and would try to put half my check in the bank every week. He told me that we would be throwing our money in the streets so spend it now. I just laughed. Now he is living in his home in the basement and his daughter and her husband and kids live in the upstairs. I know so many who gave up good jobs with retirements to go preach this BS and wait till 75. I also remember in 76 many moving to cities and elsewhere to find jobs. I semi retired at 49. Personally I have been putting money in CDs, and Stocks for years. Also buying real-estate and renting it out. I did at some point believe but I never did not save or had a desire to not save and go into debt because the end was so close. So glad I never bought into that nonsense. My wifes parents bought into this crap hook line and sinker. He quit a good job with a pension to go to where the need was great. Now he can barely survive on SS. I will not give them any money or help. I drain my wife's account down and put it into an IRA and stocks regularly so she does not get the urge to give them money. Its not a mean thing but its our money and on one is going to hand out any to us when we retire. Not to mention I listened to him jump me about not pioneering or reaching out or my working long hours and Saturdays and Sundays. He made his bed he has to lay in it.

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    Rub it in...

  • pistolpete

    My wifes parents bought into this crap hook line and sinker. He quit a good job with a pension to go to where the need was great.

    Boy that sucks.

    I'm glad I was born in the age of the internet.

    I'm 30 and technically I can retire now, but I love my work.

  • joe134cd

    To be honest I think it fantastic not celebrating birthdays and Christmas. Best thing about bern a JW. Even now as I’m officially out it still puts.a smile on my face on Christmas Day day lying in bed not having to prove anything

  • WokenfromJWcult

    I heard one smart a## Jw say that he only had one birth day and all the rest are just anniversaries. Made me think to myself, why not just call birthdays, anniversaries?

  • carla

    Woken, I have been asking that same question for years! Asked my jw about numerous time in the past and just get a deer in the headlights look in answer.

  • carla

    Forgot to say, Happy Birthday James Jack!

  • nowwhat?
    Thanks for sharing.
  • NotNew

    Happy birthday James Jack...I'm 66 a born-in jw. Awoken around 2010. Glad your feeling alive and aware of what's happening around you and helping your community! Good for you and family.

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